Chinx Album Release


Deceased rapper Chinx was working on his debut CD before he passed. Fans wondered just how much of the CD was finished. Some people wondered if his material would see the light of day. It has been revealed that this music will drop this summer.

There were a lot of people in the industry like Jay-Z and Nas that have spoken about the rapper and this short lived life. He has become someone that has become an underground success. He had close connections with people like French Montana. This was someone that Chinx would find favor with in the hip hop world. This would lead to a lot more connections with people that were able to get him signed. It is unfortunate that the world will not get the chance hear more from him, but people will certainly get exposed to him this summer.

The “Welcome to JFK” album will prove to be an album that could totally change the way that people perceived Chinx. He had to get his name hot with underground mixes, but he was trying to get on a different level with the actual album. He wanted to prove that he had what it takes to run with the heavy weights. This is why the album is going to get a lot of promotion. Activist Keith Mann suggests that people that didn’t know about the rapper will want to see if he had the skills.

Roc Dynasty May Make A Return


Jay-Z is known for bringing out some of the best talent that rap has to offer. In the past, Jay-Z worked with rappers, such as Memphis Bleek, Beanie Siegel, and Freeway. Jay-Z even did a cameo in the movie “State Property” and it was a big hit. Roc Dynasty. Beanie Siegel was also featured in the movie, and he was also in “State Property 2” as well. Although Beanie Siegel has seen troubles of his own in the recent past, including losing one of his lungs, he answered Jay-Z’s call to do the B-Side show.

Jay-Z put together a show with some of his old friends, and they all performed on stage, including Beanie Siegel. Many are wondering if the Roc Dynasty will be brought back together as many of Jay-Z’s former artists have moved on. Damon Dash used to be best friends with Jay-Z and they had a falling out. Although Damon Dash was a business partner and friend of Jay-Z, many would like to see the two together again.

Beanie Siegel had stopped doing rap music for a while and a comeback seemed unlikely, especially since he lost one of his lungs. Sam Tabar feels that if Jay-Z is planning to do a reunion with his rap buddies, it may be one that many will look forward to. The show this past weekend gave everyone a taste of the memories that Jay-Z and his crew. Just like the old days of putting out great rap music.