Philanthropist Jeff Aronin Creates Optimal Treatment Solutions


Paragon Biosciences was established by Jeff Aronin, he is the founder and CEO. Jeff is a caring philanthropist who decided to establish Paragon due to his immense desire to help people suffering from what many would consider incurable diseases. Some patients have little or even no medicinal or treatment options available and Paragon Biosciences searches for their medical solutions. Paragon is a company that develops innovative medical companies that are experts in pioneering new treatments and prescriptions. These treatments and prescriptions can sometimes be the only hope that some patients have. The FDA has granted Paragon Biosciences over thirteen new medicine approvals over the past decade. This is monumental. Paragon Biosciences has helped to build to major industry leaders; Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. These two companies are known for treating dermatology and nervous system disorders.


Jeff Aronin is a caring individual who establishes his teams with young and eager scientists. He has over two decades of experiences within the biotechnology industry. He believes one of the biggest problems is when people state there is no cure for something. This statement is a challenge not an impossibility. His desire to help those who are suffering is what causes him to continually strive for solutions and treatments. Jeff graduated from Northern Illinois University with his Bachelor’s and then continued his education at DePaul and earned his Master’s degree. After working in the healthcare industry Jeff decided to make a move and found Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC in 2000. His goal in creating this company was to address patients with unmet medical needs. In 2009 a Danish company called Lundbeck wanted to purchase Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC and they asked Jeff if he would stay on as their CEO throughout the merger. Lundbeck continues to remain a successful medical industry leader and it is accredited to Aronin’s strong leadership.