Big Sean’s Amazing Experience with Kanye West


Big Sean really does feel like he is blessed, similar to what he states in his latest single, because he is sitting at the top of the charts. Kanye West helped him get there, and he talks about working with West during his debut album in a recent interview.

Sean says that this was amazing because Kanye flew him from his mother’s house to work
on music. Since then they have done at least 10 songs together. This is three albums later, and he stills looks to Kanye as his mentor. This is good because they clearly have chemistry together. Kanye has signed some big acts over time, and he continues to have the magic touch.

Most people may not realize it, but Kanye West helped discover John Legend. Anyone that goes back to check out an old Kanye West mix tapes will hear Legend singing on a wide number of tracks. Big Sean is just one of many discoveries that Kanye West can be linked back to.

Sean raps about the experience in a single called “Paradise” on the new album. He recalls how he didn’t have more than $500 in the bank at the time that he was riding out with West in California. This is the type of thing that made him hungry. He was eager to record because he didn’t have any other options. He knew he had to excel.Check out Keith Mann’s YouTube page to get his opinion on the matter.