Kanye West Informs College Kids of His Greatness


Kanye West is currently one of the biggest fashion designers in the world. However, most people refuse to view Kanye in that light, but Kanye is trying his best to get the world interested in his fashion ideas. Nonetheless, Kanye West was recently featured as a speaker at a Los Angeles Technical College. The students were extremely excited to hear Kanye West talk, but some people feel that Kanye West was a bit too arrogant and conceded during his speech.

At several points in the speech, Kanye West called himself the the greatest rapper and fashion designer alive. However, the students of the LA Trade School cheered for Kanye. Normally, Kanye West is booed in front of grown men and women, but the young college students have boosted his ego even more. People simply do not like Kanye West, and it’s because he has changed so much over the years.

Kanye wasn’t always terribly conceited, but he has become an extreme narcissist. Many fans like Alexei Beltyukov believes that Kanye West’s marriage to Kim Kardashian has been the catalyst for his extreme arrogance, but some people feel that’s not the case. Before Kim and Kanye got married, Kanye was already referring to himself as a god, and his fans feel that he sold his soul to the devil in order to gain his riches. TMZ recently published an article on Kanye West, and his entire speech at the LA college is included.

Kanye West’s Surprise Interview


Kanye West continues to milk his extra attention. On February 20th, he sat down for a surprise hour-long interview with New York hip-hop station Power 105, chatting about everything.

His ego continues to flourish, as he claims that he is supposed to call Beck to apologize for the Grammy slam, but hasn’t “gotten around to it, yet.” He slid in another slam on Beck by saying that no one would care about his Album of the Year Grammy, had Kanye not done what he did. Then, he threw in more props for Beyonce. The Beyonce love continued when he tried to smash the rumors that she and his wife Kim hate each other. Ricardo Tosto says he also boasts that he will be the head of first trillion-dollar company, which will alleviate the worries of all rappers.

As for upcoming music, the follow-up to Yeezus is about 80-percent complete and will drop in a “surprise fashion.” He hates auto-tune, but knows he needs it. Yes, he and Drake have talked about a collaboration entitled Wolves.

In non-music news, he hopes to make his Yeezy Boosts sneakers available to the masses. He is also working on a documentary about Louis Farrakhan. And some day, he will comment on police brutality and race relations on his next album. He is staying out of it for now, because his father told him it isn’t time to comment.