Ricardo Tosto: Getting High Quality Legal Representation In Brazil


Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a top Brazilian lawyer and he caters to clients from a wide variety of fields. He has numerous satisfied clients and they keep on recommending his services to their friends, relatives and colleagues.

When a legal issues occurs, in business or personal life, it is imperative to turn to an experienced lawyer. Having a knowledgeable legal professional or lawyer on your side can improve your chances of getting a favorable outcome.

If you’re looking for a competent attorney in Brazil, it is crucial to do your research before choosing someone. There are many law firms and attorney that provide good service to their clients but you need to know where to find them.

There are several resources that can help you find a good lawyer but many people choose someone who has an established history of rendering outstanding legal solutions.

Based in Brazil, Ricardo Tosto renders top notch legal guidance and advice to his clients. Ricardo Tosto has been practising business and corporate law for over 22 years and is highly regarded in the legal community. His clients include some of the most prominent business people, corporate executives, large organizations and establishments in Brazil.

As a reliable and reputable lawyer, Mr Ricardo Tosto works closely with his clients to make sure they get best service possible and a great result. He is passionate about getting excellent outcome for clients and he strives to apply the best strategies in order to ensure complete satisfaction of his cliensts.

If you want high quality advice or guidance, get in touch with Mr Ricardo Tosto for a consultation. Ricardo Tosto will go over the details of your case and let you know what can be done to resolve the matter effectively and efficiently.

The legal system can be difficult to deal with, but with a powerful attorney like Mr Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho representing you or advising you there’s nothing to worry about. His courtroom style and unique litigation strategies have earned him a great reputation in the legal community.

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Ricardo Tosto’s Career in Brief


In 2014 Leite, Tosto e Barros law office (Brazil) was listed by the Chambers Global guide as one of the best law firms in the globe. Leite, Tosto e Barros office is listed in the category of the best in litigation also called dispute resolution. The Chambers Global is an authoritative guide in pointing out the best lawyers and law offices especially those in the field of business law. Apart from the Latin America version Chambers global also has a global edition that lists the same, but now covering the whole world. Ricardo Tosto is not only a great law head but is a partner with the Leite, Tosto e Barros firm. This, therefore, means his prowess in the legal field is affirmed by this report. Leite, Tosto e Barros was the first law firm in Brazil to specialize in the area of business management. It has a work base of over 300 professional employees.

Leite, Tosto e Barros law firm is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With subsidiary offices in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Brasilia. Ricardo Tosto serving under this law firm for the past over 25years and has seen the firm grow to the level it is right now. Therefore, having served as a founder of the firm. It is rightfully in order to give him the accolades for his work. He has been the driving force behind the current success of the law firm. Ricardo Tosto and Leite, Tosto e Barros office has gained recognition both nationally and internationally in the area of dispute litigation and is regularly consulted by very many clients.

Ricardo Tosto was acknowledged by the Latin Lawyer edition as one of the best lawyers of the year. Latin Lawyer is another authoritative law publication that lists the best lawyers and law offices in Latin America. He is also recognized as a distinguished law professional in Litigation by the Who’s Who Legal. Ricardo Tosto in his career as a lawyer has as well held executive offices in the legal field. He has been the chairman of the Judiciary Reform Commission of the Brazilian Bar Association and the Judiciary Modernization Commission. He has also served as a director for a number of organizations.

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Ricardo Tosto: How To Find A Good Lawyer


Are you doing business in Brazil? Do you want to find a reliable business lawyer to handle your dispute or litigation matters in Brazil? Perhaps you have read about Brazil’s top lawyer – Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho and how he has been helping businesses and corporations with their legal issues.You can also look for online referrals or contact a referral agency for a list of lawyers that provide good services to clients. Unlike other methods of searching for, or researching, lawyers that may not disclose underlying problems, such as checking if any reports were filed against lawyer or law firm, this method can help focus on what it would likely be like to work with the individual lawyer.

This is not a foolproof lawyer research method that will uncover every potential dilemma, but it will help highlight issues with specific attorneys, such as whether they have failed to keep in contact with clients, failed to meet timely filing deadlines, or overcharged clients. Check with the jurisdiction entity that is responsible for monitoring attorneys, such as the jurisdiction bar association or Disciplinary Board. Inquire if there have been any reports or complaints filed against the attorney.

You can have a better idea of whether the attorney is reliable and someone whom you can feel comfortable having as your legal representative. Before your first meeting with a potential lawyer, prepare a list of issues you would like to discuss with the lawyer. For starters, you need to ensure that the lawyer is licensed in your region.Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho has become one of the most respected organization litigation and corporate law attorneys in Brazil. Ricardo Tosto has also built a reputation for effectively addressing legal situations ranging from new organization formation to complex corporate litigation.Simply because of his litigation years of experience, businesses and individuals often seek his help when dealing with legal conflicts. Ricardo Tosto works for early resolution and is always ready to negotiate, but he is also prepared and able to take cases to courts id necessary.