How to Make a Reputation Win from a Brand Crisis


The social-media-dominated landscape has a lot to do with online brand reputation. A single mention on Twitter can cause a great reputation crisis to your brand. The case can be magnified when thousands of commenters take their time to talk about the ill-reputation of your brand. You can end up in a frustrating position if you are a promoter or marketer to the brand. However, there is case whereby a company’s spokesperson is transformed to a public relation boon.

You should understand that anything can happen to a business whenever you are unprepared. Your business can be subject to an uproar on social media at any time. This comes from history. It is a fact that most managers are up to take war and fight for your company. Your preparedness is measured by your quickness in getting to online conversations to slow down the negative spread about your brand.

For you to manage started conversations that escalate concern about your business, you should have an established alert system. You should have the automated tools to give you a real-time alert about brand mentions on the internet. This feature helps you respond to concern and mitigate their negative effect to your business.

However, keep in mind that online public relations are not just about responding to the negative comments online. Moreover, it is not all about engaging in illogical arguments with users about your brand on social media. Address the right people and take a calculated approach towards life. For different kinds of complaints raised in social media, provide a reasonable response. For instance, you will do better to listen to the technical matters that come out of the reaction when clarifying a misinformation on social media.

Avoid taking sides to cause an argument once you join a conversation about a negative element on your product. Your negative comments will result in a negative atmosphere where consumers are left to think that there is no remedy for their complaints. It doesn’t mean that you are taking a business-immersed tone when you become a non-argumentative person in a conversation. The community is watching you.


EOS Lip Balm Stays Ahead of the Pack


When buying lip balm in the past, the choices were always grim. You had to shuffle under the fluorescent tube lights of the drugstore while licking your chapped lips until you came across a display obviously marketed to little old ladies who were combating winter dryness. Other options existed too, usually in the form of insanely expensive top-end brands that could neither perform or be afforded. However, a new champion–EOS lip balm– has emerged brilliantly from the pack and is taking an entire generation of money-minded, result-demanding consumers with it.

EOS now is the second largest lip balm producer in the world and has done it, not through gimmicks or marketing, but by offering quality products flavored with exotic tinges of honeydew, passion fruit, and many others. The smooth and silky feeling combined with a tasty sensation combine to give you the protection and enjoyment that you deserve. You’ve probably seen their product – and indeed, it’s hard to miss – with its cool round shape and fun, vibrant colors, on store shelves in places like Walgreens, Walmart, and Target. Online retailers like eBay and ULTA soon follow.

Why has EOS Lip Balm ran ahead of the pack? In one word: Innovation. They were the first company to realize that lip balm need sparkling individuality and personalized brilliance. Before recently, lip balm was sold like any other medicine and kept alongside foot creme and toothpaste, but EOS realized that lip balm was –in fact– an everyday beauty product that required as much pzazz and pop as a smart and sexy modern woman deserves.

EOS Lip Balm is a treat for every sense. It tastes great and feels good going on. The fun little applicator feels nice in your hands and it looks going on too! Best of all, EOS uses organic ingredients so you can feel good about using it too. Now, EOS Lip Balm is often immolated. Other companies have tried to knock off the shape, the tastes, and the image of EOS Lip Balm, but the truth is that not a single one of them has the poise to be the complete package.

Online Reputation Management for Everyone


Bad press does more than hurt politicians, major corporations, and media elite. The average person and the average small business may suffer greatly when bad press runs amok on the internet. The brilliance of the modern incarnation of the internet is its massive communications reach. Anyone can produce videos or blogs or social media accounts to spread data and facts. Unfortunately, they are also able to use these things to spread untruths, bad reviews, and malicious gossip.
Blasting News reveals a very positive point for those worried about their online reputation. The same things that capable of spreading bad news may also be used to counteract negative press. In other words, if social media is the source of bad publicity, social media could be used to counterbalance negative reports.

The article posts some interesting and intelligent advice for those worried about maintaining a proper reputation online. A simple suggestion about continually publishing good information online is something anyone can do. Writing a nice blog entry or simply setting up a camera, musing about some subject in a positive manner, and posting it on Vimeo or YouTube can be done easily and without cost. Sharing the content and/or video on social media contributes to building up positive public opinion.

Those who are proactive are going to do themselves a huge favor as far as reputation management is concerned. Anyone who is struggling to achieve desired results should think about hiring a reputation management firm. Professionals with experience in this type of work could end up being extremely helpful.


U.S. Money Reserve, George Soros, and Phillip Diehl Agree On Gold Value



Source: PR Newswire


A recent podcast, with guest Philip Diehl, proved very interesting and enlightening. Diehl, President of one of the largest silver and gold dealers in the whole wide world. He works in Texas now but he has a history of being the 35th Director of the U.S. Mint. President of the United States, Bill Clinton, put Diehl in this position by nominating him. He has a history of being a U.S. Finance committee Staff director, and Chief of staff for the Treasury department. Philip Diehl is very knowledgeable when it comes to pure and real gold and silver products. He is more than instrumental in the U.S. Trading including all continents and the Antarctica.


One very important issues, that Diehl discusses during his podcast, is that the U.S. Money Reserve is improving customer service. The U.S. Money Reserve is expanding to every continent offering the same deals as the United States. The Mint produces some of the most extreme coins. These coins are being backed, by an economy that is recognized, as one of the strongest in the world. The United States are instrumental in the 50 States quarters and some of the other great ideas in gold or silver print.


Purity is very important. Gold and silver must have a purity that surpasses any other. Gold bars that are being sold are not recognized or sold by the U.S. Government mint. The weight and the purity are not guaranteed to be the best. Some of the gold bars that are being sold are possibly counterfeit. There is no guarantee to what the weight or how pure the gold is.


The demand for pure gold is increasing. People are collecting gold and silver to use as their retirement or IRA. Diehl believes that the dollar will begin to decline again such as it did in 2008. The fear that was in the market and the weaker version of the dollar can cause an increase in gold and silver prices. People tend to create an idea that they can save more with the gold in stock. People such as George Soros believe that we can turn things around if we believe in our own economy and work to save it. Stop increasing the demand that is already on us by bringing fewer people to depend on our economy.

This feeling is also felt by people such as Donald Trump.


Gold, Silver, and Platinum prices will hold their own when the dollar declines. Gold and other precious metals are factors that are dependable if you are trying to save for the future. Instead of buying stocks, many individuals are putting their trust in the U.S. Money Reserve, says Diehl.


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