ClassDojo: Learning Unity


Classroom communication is an ever widening rift in both United States and global education. Students, teachers and parents share very little in classroom experience, largely due to a lack of efficient means of communication. Fortunately, the team at ClassDojo specializes in optimizing communications between teachers, students, and their parents.

The ClassDojo app allows photo, video, and message sharing throughout the school day, improving every aspect of the classroom experience and working diligently to realize larger ideas both at school and at home. The only way to transform education for every child, parent and teacher, is through unity.

Let’s face it: an “ideal” classroom does not exist, as every educational perspective is unique. One model classroom is not the best for all involved. ClassDojo harnesses communication among all parties involved in education, in order to create unique and incredible classrooms. Students can now share lessons with parents, teachers can deliver feedback to students, parents can provide personal insight and gratitude to teachers, and so much more, all via various forms of multimedia sharing provided by the ClassDojo app. Stories, instant and updating streams of photos and videos from the school day, are unique to every student, and shared with parents at home. Instant messages are sent between teachers, parents and school leaders, without the hassle of sharing contact or personal information, and can be translated into 35 different languages. Teachers may utilize the “Quiet Hours” option to let parents know when they are unavailable.

ClassDojo also provides parents and teachers with access to original content which educates children about important concepts and social-emotional skills: an area in which every classroom seems to be lacking, such as empathy and the “Growth Mindest.” ClassDojo creates a strong sense of community within every classroom, in turn, optimizing the educational experience shared by every parent, teacher and child.