Aspiring Rapper Grabs Lil Wayne’s Attention


These days it is hard to get a name out in the rap industry. Artists need not only the talent and the looks, they now also have to become crafty to stick out from the crowd. That is just what rap novice Hi-rez did.
The hopeful rapper did so by rapping his whole McDonald’s order instead of speaking it out slowly like any other person would do. He then proceeded to upload his rap to his Youtube channel and quickly gained the recognition of not only the other McDonald’s customers that eagerly clapped for him at the end of his rap, but also that of rap legend Lil Wayne.
Lil Wayne deeply humored Hi-rez by sharing the video on his Facebook and giving the young rapper a shout out. Whether Lil Wayne was actually impressed with Hi-rez’s rapping skills or just amused by the gesture is still unclear to the folks over at FreedomPop Review.

Turk Speaks on Cash Money Issues


Lil Wayne apparently is not the only one that is unhappy with Cash Money Records. Even after all these years there are still some people from the Cash Money family coming forth. Young Turk stopped by the Breakfast Club Morning show to air out his own grievances against Birdman.

Hopefully Birdman is happy with his fortune because it will be difficult to sign any new talent any time soon. This label is most definitely going under, and the lawsuits just keep coming. When Lil Wayne was just a teenager he was rapping. Bountiful Cash Money members had albums. Turk – previously known as Young Turk – had an album on Cash Money Records. Now he is suing for royalty checks he did not receive. This is something that is becoming common place for Birdman.

The feud with Lil Wayne got ugly, and now Turk is speaking out according to He has been quiet because he was in jail for a while, but now Paul Mathieson is starting to notice. Other Cash Money members are deceased. Some are still locked up. It is Birdman that is free and living well off the work of other rappers. It would have to take someone like Lil Wayne to speak out on this issue in order for others to speak up. Birdman has been ripping people off for years. Now his dynasty is going to fall apart because he hasn’t been giving his artists the money they deserve.

Lil’ Wayne May Possibly Release A Different Album Soon


Lil’ Wayne is still very upset about the fact that Cash Money Records will not be releasing his, “The Carter V” album, and rumors are flying that he may be releasing another album soon. Lil’ Wayne Album. Although The Carter V is promised to be released in early 2015, Lil’ Wayne has put out clues that he is possibly working on a “Sorry 4 The Wait 2” album. Prior to the Carter IV coming out, Wayne created an album entitled “Sorry 4 The Wait,” in anticipation of the next album. Since his upcoming album The Carter V has been delayed, it would make perfect sense to release another album preceding it.

A picture was posted on Instagram with Lil’ Wayne, and others, and it was captioned “Sorry 4 The Wait 2.” It’s likely that the artist may release the album, prior to the release of the highly anticipated album, The Carter V. Lately, there’s been a lot of internal battling within Cash Money Records, and both Lil’ Wayne, and Tyga are talking about leaving.

Dr. Rod Rohrich reports that although it’s very disheartening to see that Bird Man would treat such a good friend like Lil’ Wayne, the way he has, it’s obviously all about business, and hopefully things will work out for both Lil’ Wayne, and Tyga.