The Benefits That Jeffery Schneider Has Realized After Introducing Wellness Programs In His Firm


For almost three decades, Jeffrey Schneider has been offering advice to clients in the health industry on complex transactions and how to incorporate wellness programs. He started this endeavor long before many law firms were even exercising healthcare practice. The representation of Jeffrey Schneider is across the full spectrum of service providers in the healthcare industry. This spectrum includes academic medical centers, hospitals, home health agencies, nursing facilities and other doctor’s groups. Schneider has also had the privilege to represent some top medical centers in the State of New York and the whole country at large.

Schneider is also a champion of wellness programs. He has reaped numerous benefits from these programs in improving the welfare of his staff and the overall productivity of his company. In this article, we will highlight the benefits of having a wellness program in your organization.

Healthier habits

It proves to be beneficial when after hours of working at the office, you indulge in wellness and fitness activities where you learn how to exercise new health habits. By engaging in the program, you help your staff to focus on a mindset that is health conscious and improves the realization of the goals of your organization. Workout schedules and food choices will have a positive influence on your working atmosphere. It will also be more comfortable for your staff to drop their old unhealthy habits if they can engage in a regular walk or have health clinics on a daily basis.

More productivity

Health wellness programs in your company including physical activity and a healthy diet goes a long way to improve the performance and productivity of your employees. You will have the feeling of being more energized which helps your mind focus more on achieving the objectives of the firm. Wellness programs will also help the staff of any company to drop the old habits such as sleeping during working hours or having the general feeling of being tired which are counter-productive in realizing the organization’s goals. A healthy nutrition and engaging in regular exercise will help improve your staff’s contribution on a daily basis.

Weight loss

Changing the daily routine will have such a significant impact on the health of your staff, including helping the overweight members become fit. When you introduce a wellness program that focusses on engaging in physical fitness through exercise, eating a healthy diet and caring for mental health, you can help staff members get rid of the extra points on the scale faster than before. This will lead to a happier staff and might even lead to the improvement of the self-esteem of employees who had issues with their weight. Some wellness programs will provide incentives that offer a reward to employees who lose the most pounds.

Reducing healthcare related costs

According to multiple studies that have been carried out on the financial impact that wellness programs have on organizations, there are reduced costs regarding paying hospital bills for your employees. The research has also shown that these programs help increase your return on investment as such costs are pumped back into the business to increase productivity. Comprehensive programs on the wellness of a company’s staff will see a significant reduction in the cost of healthcare. The cost of lost productivity due to employee absence is also reduced significantly. In most cases, the savings achieved in participating in such programs will be higher than the cost of introducing the wellness program in any organization.

In addition to managing his firm, Jeffrey Schneider gives routine advice to clients on governance, compliance, reimbursement and insurance coverage, certification and survey, and issues relating to faculty practice. Jeff also believes that the introduction of wellness programs to an organization leads to a happier working environment leading to increased productivity.