Victoria Doramus gives Charity, Design, Fashion and Lifestyle a Creative Edge


Victoria Doramus specializes in giving creative solutions to market trends. She has successfully found answers to problems in marketing patterns especially in the areas of lifestyle, fashion and design. Her current focus is in finding solutions to marketing trends for charitable organizations that help and offer aid to the needy.

Victoria Doramus graduated with a BA in journalism and mass communication from the University of Colorado at Boulder. In 2012 she attended London’s Sotheby’s Institute of Art and completed a course on the History of Fashion. Her first job was as assistant media planner at Mindshare where she created advertising plans. She later worked for many well-known creative advertising groups and on freelance advertising projects.

Currently, according to, Victoria Doramus volunteers for many charitable institutions. Some of the charities that she helps include Room to Read that provides education and literacy in developing countries, the Amy Winehouse Foundation that helps patients with depression and addiction recover through music, the Women’s Prison Association that helps rebuild the lives of women who have served time in prison and the Best Friends Animal Society that helps get foster homes for animals in shelters.

Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) has provided a wide range of services to the charity sector. She uses her vast experience in designing creative marketing campaigns, advertising, management of media projects and marketing trend analysis to help the less fortunate. Victoria Doramus volunteers her time and efforts to make the media focus on the needy in addition to managing many freelance advertising projects in other sectors.

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Alex Pall Reveals His Dedication to Music


Interview Magazine conducted an interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers. This music duo powerhouse discusses their humble beginnings, their work ethic, and their dedication to creating music that will continue to connect with an ever-growing audience.

Starting out as DJ’s, they have evolved into developing music that has become more personal for them and their audience. While most of the music in the dance genre tends to be focused on producing hard beats geared toward young club-goers or rave fans, The Chainsmokers have made great strides in offering their audience music that appeals to those who also enjoys pop music, indie, and hip-hop. In order to stand apart from the crowd, they began writing lyrics that merely reflected their own experiences in life.

The pair met in New York City. Pall explains initially, he was doing a number of gigs DJ’ing and he also had experience with social media, whereas Andrew’s main talent was producing. After they met, they immediately began working together and doing so for long hours. Their dedication to creating has allowed them to be almost two years ahead. The songs we are just now listening to, are songs they wrote over a year ago.

The song “Closer” features Halsey and Andrew Taggart singing. Pall indicates his enthusiasm working with Halsey, describing her as incredible. He also shares his appreciation for her voice and unique style. The inclusion of Taggart singing is just one of many steps initiated by this duo to continue their unique style, while still garnering the interest of a wide audience.

Pall uses social media to connect with fans and learn more about who they are. He’s learned that the audience has grown from a youthful college crowd to an even younger crowd and now also includes older people. There is an excitement in developing music that appeals across so many different identities.