Unroll Me Offers A Great Service That Helps People Get More Organized


Unroll Me is a free service that allows people to manage their email subscriptions. It was founded in 2011, and its headquarters are in the Greater New York Area in the United States. It allows users to prioritize and organize their emails and makes things much less complicated as it helps with that. The company has shared many tips on how to use email services in a good way, and one of the tips that it gives is to simply unsubscribe. It says that when people do this for unnecessary emails, they will have a lot less junk in their inbox every day.

The company also gives the tip that people should stay safe while using their email by using authentication. They should turn on notifications, too, so that they know what is going on with their email service. And, Unroll Me says that people should protect their technology by keeping it up to date. They should find the new software that is available and update their devices to keep them functioning well.

Another piece of advice that Unroll Me has to give is for people to delete unnecessary apps. The company says that everyone should read privacy policies, too, so that they know what they are getting into when they download a new app or use a new service. And, the company says that everyone should take caution to protect their hardware. There is a lot that people need to keep up on if they want to keep all of their accounts and devices safe, and anyone who listens to Unroll Me’s advice should be safe. And, the company will help them when they want to unsubscribe from emails, which is a great way to start being a bit more organized when it comes to technology and what needs to get done each day.



The Journey That Vinod Gupta Has Been Through To His Current Business Success



Vinod Gupta was born in India in 1946. He has managed to beat all the odds and turn into the massively successful entrepreneur that he is today. Vinod started his entrepreneurial journey by borrowing a $100K loan, and with less than two decades, Vinod Gupta has turned it into an investment fit for the entire country.


His first investment, a list compiling company was a massive success, which helped him buy off a number of IT related companies. Vinod Gupta is currently the CEO of his startup the Everest Group, which specializes in giving venture capital to database technology startups. Here are some Business Lessons that he shared about growing a business and succeeding as an entrepreneur.


When asked where the idea of the Everest Group came from, he stated that after graduating from the University of Nebraska, he was contracted to work for Commodore. It was then when he was given the task of compiling a list of mobile home dealers in the country. He discovered that there was no such list in existence and immediately, an idea to create one came to mind. View Additional Info Here.


When asked how his typical day looks like, and how he makes it productive, he stated that he likes spending his time building and capitalizing on the long-term success of any business idea which he comes up with, as opposed to focusing on the short term.


When asked how Gupta brings ideas to life, he stated that he likes giving all the products and services he comes up with a test run for the market before the launch. He states that the only way to know whether a business idea is marketable or not is by testing it.


Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur, who believes that for a business to be successful, one has to put all their efforts to ensure it is successful.


Source Link: https://medium.com/@vinodgupta1/vinod-gupta-shares-advice-on-how-to-succeed-in-the-modern-world-ad76442a8b26

Glen Wakeman’s 5-Step Methodology to Launching a Successful Startup


Having worked with varied companies in different industries of the world at the executive level, Glen Wakeman has garnered enormous leadership experience. Through his newly launched consultancy company, Launchpad Holdings, Glen seeks to help most entrepreneurs launch successful startups or bolster growth within their already established businesses with more funding.


He hopes to achieve this by letting in these entrepreneurs on what he calls the 5-step methodology of starting a successful business that he derived after his interactions with numerous business leaders. This methodology explores five key anchors of business success that he believes would help entrepreneurs critique their business models, find loopholes therein, and work towards fixing them thus increasing chances of attracting investors. Glen Wakeman’s five methodologies include:


  1. Marketing


Glen also refers to the marketing concept of this evaluation as the “what and why” section. This helps entrepreneurs evaluate the demand for their product or service to the market as well as why a consumer should give them preference.


  1. Operations component


Wakeman’s evaluation strategy helps businesses interact with the logistical aspects of their business plan. It prompts the entrepreneur into figuring out how they hope to deliver their product or service to the end consumer.


  1. Finance


While appreciating the fact that business financing presents the biggest hurdle to entrepreneurship, Glen Wakeman’s Launchpad methodology helps an individual figure out the right amount of capital needed to execute their plan. (weeklyopinion)


  1. Talent


This tenant of launching a business helps an entrepreneur figure out whether they need help in actualizing their business goals. It helps an entrepreneur understand that they might not have the necessary expertise to bring their envisioned plans to fruition.


  1. Risk management


Like any other plan, to suffer. Glen Wakeman’s methodology appreciates that a business plan is subject to flaws and, therefore, includes the risk management step. The step aims at helping these entrepreneurs determine the probability of success for their plans.


About Glen Wakeman


Glen spent a significant part of his career at General Electric, during which time he rose from a junior to an executive position. At the peak of his career, Glen was tasked with the role of establishing a General Electric’s new division in Latin America. From a one-person startup, Glen transformed the new division to a multi-national company with an asset base of $12 Billion and 17,000 employees. This experience as well as his interaction with other business leaders exposed to startup problems that he hopes to help entrepreneurs solve through the Launchpad Holdings project.