Grupo RBS Is One Of Brazil’s Most Successful Media Companies



Grupo RBS is one of Brazil’s largest media organizations, and they are responsible for managing numerous outlets. Not only do they manage television and radio stations, but they also manage a company that does book publishing, newspapers, and websites. The company has been in business since 1957.

Here’s what you need to know about some of the most important outlets that they manage:


Grupo RBS Manages Three Large TV Stations

The company manages two television channels that are active on a national level, and they also manage a station exclusively for Florianopolis. Their national channels are RBS TV and OCTO OC. Their Florianopolis station is TVCOM.


Grupo RBS Has Greatly Improved Their Radio Stations

RBS has made major improvements to their radio stations that has allowed them to reduce their budget considerably. In fact, Gaucha and Zero Hora recently have shaved 5 million dollars off of their annual expenses, and this has boosted their profits 74%. Grupo RBS works hard to make sure that the stations create popular programs.


The Company Manages Multiple Sources Of Print Media

The company’s newspapers can be read either online or offline, and they feature local, national, and world news. In addition, their book publishing company has been responsible for the creation of numerous publications that are popular among Brazilian citizens, and it’s likely to continue to succeed in the future. Read This Article to learn more.


What You Need To Know About Their Outreach Programs

They have several outreach programs, and two of them are aimed at improving the lives of children. One of these programs improves the elementary education system in Brazil, and the other program is aimed at encouraging people in Brazil to focus on the children in their lives. In addition, Grupo RBS have an outreach program that’s aimed at preventing traffic violence.


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