Dr. Greg Finch – Achievements and Passion for Medicine


Dr. Gregory Finch is one of those professionals who dedicate their life to their medical education and practice and never stop learning even more and developing even further. Dr. Gregory Finch is an orthopedic surgeon from Australia. He has had his higher education completed in his home country. Dr. Gregory Finch underwent his medical education at one of the most renowned institutions – the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. The Royal College has produced many a professionals ho have made large contributions to their line of work.

Dr. Gregory Finch has been learning from some of the most prominent doctors and surgeons in Australia. Upon the completion of his education, Dr. Gregory Finch moved to the United States of America, and later Germany and England. In each location he studied under some of the leaders in spinal surgery. Spinal surgery has always been a passion for Dr. Gregory Finch. He has gone through years of education and training and is capable of performing a number of types of spinal surgery.

Dr. Gregory Finch has contributed with his medical expertise to a wide number of medical institutions. He has served in a number of different locations around his home country of Australia. One of the places he has worked at includes the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital. He has been working there for almost ten years. Previously, Mr. Greg Finch has worked at hospitals and clinics in the United States of America, England, Germany, and more.

Dr. Greg Finch has also been contributing to the world of medicine through his written work. He has published a vast number of articles and papers on orthopedic surgery as well as on spinal surgery. He has been an editor for many medical journals and has also been a valued member of medical boards and the boards of medical school.