Tim Loannides Also Is a Member Of The U.S. Medical Association


Tim Ioannides, the founder of a multi-location dermatological practice based on a proactive approach to medical attention, has been serving the Treasury Coast for over 15 years now.

Dr. Ioannides graduated from Miami School of Medicine University. He has held a medical internship at the University of Florida School of Medicine Health and resided at the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery, Jackson Memorial Hospital, at the University of Miami. He has also completed his residency.

Dr Ioannides is a dermatologically certified board of the American Dermatological Board. He is a fellow at the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society for Dermatology Surgery and the Mohs Surgery American Society. Dr. Ioannides also is a member of the U.S. Medical Association and the Dermatological and Dermatological Surgery Society of Florida.

Dr. Ioannides applies charitable assistance to numerous local organisations, not just his commitment to the Treasure Coast as a doctor.

As a Volunteer Associate Professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine, he plays an significant part in teaching future dermatologists in dermatological and reconstructive surgery. Tim Ioannides is not only an extremely efficient and beloved medical dermatologist, he also showed fervor for a good company undertaking in this niche of medicine.

Dr. Ioannides has furnished his position in the society as a trustworthy leader in all things linked to the dermatological requirements of the inhabitants of Port St. Lucie. By continuously taking intelligent company decisions and keeping an incomparable level of client service, he has succeeded in expanding his practice from a unique brick and mortar place to a chain of five successful working venues. Through this continuous development, the amount of patients served has increased enormously.

Dr. Ioannides received his doctorate at the University of Medicine Miami impressively with the University of Florida School of Medicine Health Science Center through an extensive medical internship. He was then awarded his strict residency in the Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery of Jackson Memorial Hospital at the University of Miami School of Medicine.

Dr. Ioannides started working in the private industry for another doctor focusing on cosmetic dermatology services. Dr. Ioannides quickly acknowledged his appeal and enthusiasm for the proactive strategy to health facilities including the therapy of hair, tumor and skin diseases. He thus went on his own and established Treasure Coast Dermatology to deliver dermatological operations, treatments and diagnoses based on medical medicine.

About Tim Ioannides: www.business.com/advice/member/p/tim-ioannides/

Buying and Using the Popular Hyland’s Teething Tablets


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Dr. Jennifer Walden


Jennifer Walden Was A Doctor In the Making From An Early Age

When most elementary aged school children are interested in going outside to play, Walden had already taken an interest in plastic surgery. She was enamored in the art aspect of plastic surgery. Walden’s 8th-grade teacher even told her that she had the hands of a surgeon.

Walden began her journey to be a surgeon at the University of Texas where she majored in biology. She received medical doctorate from the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston. After completing her residency, she relocated to New York to pursue aesthetic surgery.
The Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital selected Walden to join their fellowship program. She also spent eight years working with Dr. Shrrell Aston who is a famous aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Things changed for Walden when she decided to become a mother and wanted to move her boys back to home to Texas. Even though the move was difficult, it proved to be the best move for her career. Walden is now one of the top ranked aesthetic plastic surgery in the state of Texas.

It is Walden’s knowledge and use of technology that sets her apart from other surgeons. She uses a technology called Vectra, which is a 3-D imaging system that allows patients to gain a visual aspect to what their surgery will look like after it is complete. To provide the best results and accuracy when performing breast surgery, Walden created her own surgical insturments.

Walden specializes in many prodecures that encompesses the whole body from breast and vignial surgies, to the face and the entire bodies. She however does not specialise in women surgeries alone. She has also worked with men to help them achieve thier overall health goals too.

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