Privinvest Ship Building Company and Success


Privinvest is one of the world’s best shipbuilding Company. The group was founded by two brothers Iskandar and Akram. It has been more than 2 decades since the group started building ships to date. With so many years in practice, Privinvest has managed to build ships with the latest technology which include Commercial vessels, naval, and mega yachts.

The groups headquarter is in the Middle East, and has managed to branch out in other nations such as France, Germany, and the United Kingdom. Privinest creates jobs to over 2,500 persons around the world that includes designing and building commercial and naval ships.

Privinvest has enjoyed success consistently because of the exports they make, over 2,000 vessels have been delivered. Over 40 navies globally use products from the Privinvest shipping company. The organization is currently working with NATO navies, private customers and non-Nato navies. There are more new projects that Privinvest is working on, this includes new constructions for superyacht owners, and public authorities, and upgrading the surveillance systems as well as integrated security systems and refits of naval vessels.

Besides shipbuilding, Privinvest is investing big in Marine Renewable Energy, and for a startup, it is specializing in tidal turbines and rivers for green energy. The shipbuilding company also has interests in real estate business, hospitality and the media.

Recently Plivinvest announced a program they are venturing into in the Republic of Angola, this will see the shipbuilding company give the Angolan Navy a range of vessels and operating services in Angola.

Privinvest investments president Boulos Hankach said the move to Angola amplifies the services of the cooperation since Africa has a dynamic economy. This move shows that privinvest has the skills and abilities to generate appetite that will promote levelled-up programs around the world in different countries.

The CMN, Nobiskrug, German Naval Yards Kiel are part of the Privnvest shipbuilding company. With the state of the art facilities, this shipyards work closely around the world to produce the most recognized Naval and commercial vessels .The workforce, skills and experience that has been put together have highly contributed to the success of Privinvest shipbuilding company.