Ara Chackerian and Finding Real Values


Ara Chackerian may view the news and see how there are many different structural changes taking place within the world of business. For instance, take a look at the Jenner family. They have a made business out of their lifestyles and their consumer reach.

Even young members such as Kylie Jenner have companies that generate profits.

But certain aspects are present in companies that endure and that is what Ara Chackerian needs to see if he were to invest in healthcare brands.

One could note that Kylie Cosmetics might not put forth the value that could be placed in an internal fashion. An example is that people in the young company work under an ambitious CEO, but the part of her involvement in product development or her help in the growth of her employees’ career has hardly ever been a part of media discussions. Outside of work, Jenner has not done much to lead young entrepreneurs or her fans into developing their skills further. It has been all about Jenner and her money – not much else.

It’s a pity, given the social and corporate status that Jenner has earned from her intellect – which remains only hers to enjoy. Instead of a leader, Jenner is a celebrity CEO, which is disappointing to see for the younger generation who look up to role models they could learn from and not just follow on Instagram.

There is a lesson in this that we can all learn from and that Ara Chackerian has probably noted in his life.

Ara Chackerian knows that there are many different companies that focus on improving and growing their audience base. As they train and lead their employees, employees may also find significant value and be appreciated in the market. The truth is that great companies produce great leaders. Read more about Ara Chackerian: