U.S. Money Reserve Gives Customers a New Experience


The US Monetary Reserve announce a new online site on February 24th, 2016. The new site, USMoneyReserve.com will have a new look and reflect the company’s new core values. The site will educate consumers on the benefits of having a government issued bullion and enrich the experience of buying precious metals with gold coins.

The website will make interaction with clients easy and also give them safe access of the precious metals. The VP of Brand and Creative, Ryan Buchanan oversaw the whole redesigning process. There were new applications that were added, with features to educate consumers and make buying of bullion easier.

The US Money Reserve in addition to creating an online shop that gives live competitive prices of the gold and silver will offer PCGS certified coins. Other exclusive metals product will also be available for purchased. The customers will be able to sign free to get free gold information kit and of other precious metals.

The Client Connect Advantages will enable the US Money Reserve to contact clients to consult individually on special offline releases, secure offline transaction, and purchasing assistance. The US Money Reserve ushers in a new era that will be indeed pleasing to its clients. BuyBack Guaranteed is one of the return policies now available and indeed it’s the best in the industry.

Full return on certified coin orders at the value currently in the market within 30 days is now allowed. The shipping is also fast and insured. The full article on the newly launched site and services can be found in an article in CBS19.

The U.S. Money Reserve was founded in 2001 by gold market veterans who saw the need to have both top notch customer service, trustworthy guardian and expert knowledge that is vital in purchasing precious metals. Presently it is the world’s leading private distributor of US issued gold, silver and platinum. It has hundreds of clients that depend on them to gain the many financial benefits of precious metals.

US Money Reserve has uniquely trained experts with knowledge to find products that give highest profits to buyers. Their customer service is above industry standards and aims to establish good relations with their clients.

Their professionals include; Senior Gold Specialists, Industry Leading Numismatic Expert, Customer Relations Department, Business Support Development, Inventory Department, Vault, and Shipping Department, Coin Research Professionals, Sales Verification Personnel, Compliance, and Standards Department. Read more: US Money Reserve | CrunchBase

US Money Reserve is based in Austin, Texas, in the United States, and is the largest in the country. Stocks, Bonds, and Mutual funds have a very high risk of volatility.

For the protection of one’s finances, US Money Reserve gives a clear choice with precious metals that shields one saving and retirements. This unique feature clearly gives them an advantage and makes them the better option to invest with.

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