The Evenly-balanced Basket and Other Techniques that Angela Koch of The US Money Reserve Leverages


In most organizations, not all employees get to grow to their full potential or even climb up the ladder. The situation is worse for organizations that do not value employee training and development. They end up having massive employee turnover and a dented reputation which could hurt talent acquisition in the future.

To avoid this at the US Money Reserve, the CEO Angela Koch likes to take a multiplicity approach where she oversees the nurturing of employees into an extension of herself. This means that the US Money Reserve staffers aren’t your ordinary sales and marketing personnel. They are actually trusted enough by senior management to make independent decisions because they’ve been trained to do so. Here is what happens at the reserve.

Superior Customer Service

Angela’s work history defines the type of executive she is today. transitioning from a stay-at-home mum into a corporate employee was an eye-opening experience for her. She’s worked for pharmaceutical and electrical companies and even did some work at a Jewish Foundation. In all these positions she would take the time to learn order-to-delivery processes and the in-between details. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

But, it was the process formulation and control skills that she learned at KLA-Tencor using advanced inspection tools which relied on data that solidified her ability to offer unique customer service experiences. Assisting her KLA-Tencor mentor to get his ranch certified also added to her ability to come up with organizational processes that can be inclined to technology to define novice ways of services delivery. She makes sure all employees understand these processes and systems.

Using Integrated Systems

Angela Koch emphasizes the need to have all the organizational systems at the US Money Reserve collaborate to provide consistent customer service management.

The smooth flow of procedures that enable successful acquisition of gold, platinum and silver coins, sales and marketing to the ERP systems should work hand-in-hand to provide lifetime value based on feedback and data collected.

The Evenly-balanced Basket Mentality

Koch believes that in order to move forward you need to be a decisive person. You can do that by knowing your strengths and tapping into them optimally to shut out all negativity. Looking at your life and position as an evenly-balanced basket will help you remain original and true to yourself.

Once you have an idea share it with your team and allow room for adjustments based on their constructive criticism. Upon coming to an agreement, execute without fear or doubt. It’s the only way to ascertain the validity of your idea, especially if it something that’s not been done by others before.

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U.S. Money Reserve

Angela Koch Serves as the CEO at U.S. Money Reserve, and She Has Talked About the Importance of Investing In Employees


Angela Koch serves as an executive at the U.S. Money Reserve. The company is the largest distributor of coins made of silver, gold, and platinum. Koch is the only female who has served as a chief executive officer in the precious metals sector. As an executive, she has been overseeing the firm’s operation while also ensuring that the company’s pace and culture are sustained.

Over the years, the U.S. Money Reserve has been of great assistance to the people who needed to make decisions about precious metals such as platinum, gold, and silver. The company has a team of professionals who are dedicated. Also, the U.S. Money Reserve has ensured that they can create a good working relationship with their clients. To date, the company has served more than 500,000 individuals.

According to Angela Koch, the company has focused more on being a sales organization. In some of the sales and marketing organizations, the companies want to sell, and they may not express any interest when it comes to learning more.

As for Angela Koch, it is good to teach the employees how to run the system. The employees will then learn more about the materials within the organization, as well as the clients and their needs.

Angela Koch takes her role as the chief executive officer seriously. She also believes that she has to take care of the employees while also allowing them to grow professionally and personally. When the employees are treated accordingly, the company will benefit a lot in the long run. At the U.S. Money Reserve, the employees are in a better position to make decisions on their while also enhancing the growth of the business. Read more: US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Koch’s primary focus is not on the money; she is currently focusing on ensuring that each employee has progressed accordingly. When you invest in the employees, the company will grow further, and the employees will also get better.

Before Angela Koch became an executive in the precious metals industry, she underwent a series of challenges. For starters, she dropped out of college. After that, she got married and later got divorced after getting her first child. Her husband was a professional golf player.

He used to work as a trainer at a particular club. Because of the challenges that she was experiencing, Angela Koch had to work hard since she had to pay her rent and cater to other bills. She had to rely on her life skills since she did not have any academic credentials.

Angela Koch had at least two jobs at a go, and she would work hard. She worked in electrical, and pharmaceuticals companies and her ability to be dedicated came in handy. Koch also got an opportunity to work in a Jewish Foundation.

She later joined KLA-Tencor, a company that would deal with metrology systems and inspection tools. Koch had a mentor at the firm, and he had a ranch. Angela Koch went ahead to work at the ranch, and later on, she joined the U.S. Money Reserve where she currently serves as the chief executive officer.

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Angela Koch Leads US Money Reserve


Angela Koch has been the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve for the past several years. As the top executive of the company, she has proven herself to a highly effective manager who has helped the company improve its operations as well as gain more positive recognition.

Koch has helped expand the company and improve its operations by getting the most out of her employees. She has stressed that regular promotions and added responsibility were keys to helping employees to reach their full potential. With employees that were performing at a high level, the company success would eventually follow as well.

When Angela Koch became the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she looked to help enhance the development of the employees who worked at the company. Koch has often promoted many employees within months of working at the company.

This allows the employees to develop more skills, acquire more knowledge and also gain more confidence. With rapid advancement, employees are also given more incentive to perform at their best. The promotions have enabled the employees to get more practical experience.

When managing US Money Reserve, Angela Koch has also looked to provide employees with added responsibility. This has allowed many employees at the company to take on more tasks and develop more skills. With a more versatile group of employees, US Money Reserve is able to provide better service to customers. It is also able to run more efficiently as well. The added responsibility had thus enhanced the career development of the employees at US Money Reserve. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

Before Angela Koch attained her position as the chief executive officer of US Money Reserve, she spent some years working at other positions. She would prove herself to be a very dependable and productive employee for the company.

When managerial positions opened up, she was promoted. With these promotions she was able to get more knowledge about the company and this eventually led to her becoming the top executive. Koch developed a strong work ethic and a high sense of responsibility when she spent a number of years working multiple jobs before joining US Money Reserve.

US Reserve has established itself as the premier distributor of precious metals. The company was founded in Texas in the year 2001 and has steadily gained recognition as a very legitimate provider of gold and silver coins. These coins have proven to be valuable investment options for consumers who are looking to enhance their portfolios.

US Money Reserve also offers support for customers who are looking to get advice on how to benefit from the precious metals that they purchase. Consumers are also able to take advantage of a number of educational materials that provide them with update information about the latest trends in the precious metals market.

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