How Desiree Perez Helped Jay-Z Save Tidal from Imminent Collapse


Tidal, the music streaming app, recently made a big announcement. Tidal informed its members that exclusive and brand-new content was now available for their streaming pleasure and entertainment. As it stands, Apple’s iTunes followed closely by Spotify are the biggest opponents of Jay-Z’s business. Jay-Z owes a ton of gratitude to the main person who made it possible for Tidal to turn into a powerful entity; she’s called Desiree Perez. Mrs. Perez practically runs Tidal.

Top Management of Tidal Quits

A while back, Tidal Inc. was unfortunate to lose over half of its entire top management team. Jay-Z must have spent sleepless nights worried that his startup would eventually have to wind up its operation and quietly slip into obscurity. After all, that’s the recurring trend witnessed in the cycles of so many startup ventures and ideas.   Check on for additional reading.

Overcoming Challenges

Desiree Perez stayed on and she continued working her magic. Desiree and Shawn Carter have devoted their time and energy to find out what the consumers really want and need. Of course, as is to be expected, the team, has run into quite a vast number of challenges and obstacles to get where they are. The latter only made them stronger, and better.

Life of Pablo Exclusive

Jay-Z and Desiree have exploited and taken full advantage of the networks they’ve built over the years. The unprecedented success of Tidal has a lot to do with the award-winning artists who are in Jay-Z’s stable and recording company, Roc Nation. Global artists like Rihanna, Beyoncé, Kanye West, and T.I have already released their full albums on this particular portal, exclusively.  Related article on   Combined, these stars have a fan-base running into the millions of people. Tidal, as a company, hopes to turn into loyal customers, moving forward.

About Desiree Perez

Desiree is a well-known celebrity personality having spent close to 30 years working as a producer and a promoter. She’s married to the present Director of Roc Nation Sports, Juan “OG” Perez. Mrs. Perez is a brilliant negotiator who always succeeds in getting her clients the best possible deal. For instance, she helped Rihanna score a six-figure advertising contract with the smartphone giant manufacturer, Samsung.

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