Desiree Perez Involvement in Contracting for Musical Labels


Much is known about Jay-Z, unlike Desiree Perez, a close associate and the force behind some August contracts and deals. In 2008, for instance, Jay Z signed a $150 million deal with the Live Nation. The deal is about to expire as it was only for a duration of 10 years. Although Live Nation would like to extend the deal, an insider revealed that Live Nation is not in the business of record music anymore.

In testing other waters, Jay-Z has been alluring industries big wigs to have a stake in ROC Nation, his own recorded music business. The deal closing could birth a buy- sell scenario where either side could sell their stake at the ROC Nation or acquisition wholly. Roc Nation has a pool of renowned music performers such as Fat Joe, Shakira, Rihanna, Meek Mill and Jay-Z himself. Apparently, Desiree Perez along with his boss Jay-Z is in talks with the CEO of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge about UMG buying a stake in the ROC Nation.

Sources with the UMG say that the company has engaged in a distribution deal with ROC Nation. UMG is excited with the partnership as Jay-Z is believed to be phenomenal. The move will develop new artists and help in streaming service Tidal.

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About Desiree Perez

She is a strong negotiator who is very persuasive and influential. She is in the labeling operational team that runs the ROC Nation and also in management. Check for more reading.  Most of ROC Nation’s and Jay Z’s success, she is always behind the scenes. Her track record makes her much respected especially in the Samsung deal where she helped Rihanna close the deal through extensive negotiation.  More of Dez on

The Hova Circle of Influence is part of her major accomplishments. It includes the likes of Ty Ty Smith, Jay Brown, Jana Fleischman, and Chaka Pilgrim. Also, Desiree Perez was the producer for the Jay Z’s On The Run Tour of 2014 and the Change: The LifeParticle Effect of 2013.  Related article on

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