Alex Pall Reveals His Dedication to Music


Interview Magazine conducted an interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart of the Chainsmokers. This music duo powerhouse discusses their humble beginnings, their work ethic, and their dedication to creating music that will continue to connect with an ever-growing audience.

Starting out as DJ’s, they have evolved into developing music that has become more personal for them and their audience. While most of the music in the dance genre tends to be focused on producing hard beats geared toward young club-goers or rave fans, The Chainsmokers have made great strides in offering their audience music that appeals to those who also enjoys pop music, indie, and hip-hop. In order to stand apart from the crowd, they began writing lyrics that merely reflected their own experiences in life.

The pair met in New York City. Pall explains initially, he was doing a number of gigs DJ’ing and he also had experience with social media, whereas Andrew’s main talent was producing. After they met, they immediately began working together and doing so for long hours. Their dedication to creating has allowed them to be almost two years ahead. The songs we are just now listening to, are songs they wrote over a year ago.

The song “Closer” features Halsey and Andrew Taggart singing. Pall indicates his enthusiasm working with Halsey, describing her as incredible. He also shares his appreciation for her voice and unique style. The inclusion of Taggart singing is just one of many steps initiated by this duo to continue their unique style, while still garnering the interest of a wide audience.

Pall uses social media to connect with fans and learn more about who they are. He’s learned that the audience has grown from a youthful college crowd to an even younger crowd and now also includes older people. There is an excitement in developing music that appeals across so many different identities.

Expanding pop horizons with Alex Pall


The Chainsmokers unique way of creating music and genre-defying songs have set them apart in the music world. Alex Pall of the Chainsmokers has been a DJ his whole life, in 2012 he discovered his passion, creating dance music. This led him to quit his job being a DJ to pursue his dreams and become one of the greatest musical creators in the world. Pall along with fellow music creator Andrew Taggart created their duo The Chainsmokers which has taken over pop music in the past few years. Taggart had loved dance music long before it became a major trend, and jumped at the chance to produce this music with Pall.

Over the past few years, this music duo has grown more than they ever could have imagined. The two have studied pop and dance music, and what it takes to make a great artist. Their passion has allowed them to create music which went from just paying their bills to slingshotting them to the world stage.

The Chainsmokers are far different from most traditional artists, being a DJ duo as well as music producers has set them apart from other similar artists. The pairs decision to branch out from just making dance music is what allowed them to grow as much as they did.

Their music style doesn’t fit into any one genre, a mix of indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop has proven to be very successful for them. Learning to sing over their beats has also worked very well for the duo. Originally, just creating the beats and having others add their own personal elements and singing the songs was the only way this duo knew to make music. But learning how to sing and truly make the songs the way they intend them to be, adding their own personal element has greatly helped the duo.

Over the past few years, The Chainsmokers have become staples in the music world, getting a feature from pop star Halsey has helped the band explode in popularity. Now that the duo can sing, we get to see the true originality in these songs. Hopefully, we get to see more of this boundary-pushing music in the coming years.

The Chainsmokers Release ‘Sick Boy’, Give Fans A Glimpse Into The Darker Side Of Their Music


With millions of people turning into their songs every hour and several chart-topping numbers, The Chainsmokers have become a worldwide phenomenon. Even though the duo has been visible in the mainstream for the past four years, their musical careers span way back, to when both of its members were small-time musicians working gigs and performing their music for smaller crowds.

Comprised of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall, the duo have released several hit songs like Don’t Let Me Down, Closer, Paris, Something Just Like This and of course, the song that got them on the charts in the first place – Selfie.

This year, The Chainsmokers decided to kick off the year by releasing their new hit single Sick Boy. In an interview with Forbes Magazine, Drew pointed out how their songs have always been a reflection of the generation that we live in, which is also why so many people can relate to the music that they make. He went on to stay that they know the topics that they want to touch on and always try to lyrically incorporate that into the music that they make.

The Chainsmokers is now moving towards a new direction when it comes to the songs that they release, which is what Sick Boy has been evidence to. The song shows a darker side of our generation, which is what the duo now wants to touch on. They want their music to be a form of expression that resonates with the thoughts of the people listening to them, while still offering them something that they can groove to and enjoy.

Both the members of the duo have always been high achievers who wanted to make a name for themselves. They have always been driven individuals, which is one of the things that had led them to become the successful name that they are today.

Even though the duo has become bigger than they ever envisioned, both Alex and Drew believe that they still have a long way to go in terms of the music that they want to make and all that they hope to one day achieve.

All about the Chainsmokers


The chainsmokers have only been around for about three years, but they have received several different rewards and millions of loyal fans in the short amount of time. They have always created music that relates to what people go through in their everyday lives such as romance and broken hearts, but they have decided to change it up a little, and their new music has a darker feel to it. They wanted to bring something new to the table in hopes that people could relate their new music.

Their new song “Sick Boy” was inspired by the darkness of this generation, and some of the struggles people go through. They created the song through their anger in what they were dealing with in their fame. People see Alex and Andrew through who others say they are, and through what they see. Their next album is different and their next couple of songs will have a darker vibe than their past hits. Sick Boy takes you through many of the struggles through this generation such as anxiety and self identity. It also goes through the struggles of everyone relating to others on social media. It is an empowering song about staying true to yourself and doing your own thing in a generation full of so much negativity and judgement.

The Chainsmokers have had hits that have been in the top music charts for weeks. They have also worked with many great artists such as Daya, Halsey, and coldplay. Their top hits include “roses” “something just like this” “paris” “Don’t let me down” and “closer.” Closer was number one on the chart for thirteen weeks. They are hoping to reach a wider variety of fans with their new music, and they’re hoping that their fans can relate to their darker music

The Chainsmokers: Creating a Legacy


These days, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing a song by The Chainsmokers. Whether it’s upbeat pop of last summer’s smash hit, Closer, the rhythmic dance bop, Don’t Let Me Down, or their latest hit, the darkly brooding Sick Boy, chances are you’ve heard a Chainsmokers song. Up until recently, though, The Chainsmokers were behind the scenes of their songs, letting well-known artists, such as Coldplay, handle the vocals. More recently though, duo Drew Taggert and Alex Pall have been front lining their latest singles to great success.


The Chainsmokers began in 2012 in New York City when electric dance music DJ Alex Pall teamed up with Drew Taggert and began remixing popular indie songs. Eventually, the two released their first single, #Selfie, a song that is equal parts silly, self-obsessed satire and undeniably fun dance beat. The Chainsmokers’ music fuses streams of indie, dance beats, pop, hip-hop, and expertly crafted electronic soundscapes into cool rifts of smoking sound. #Selfie was a smash hit and became a staple for dance clubs around the world.


Following their first hit, they released several more singles, such as the wildly popular Roses and Don’t Let Me Down. Taggert made his singing debut on their 2016 track Closer, which featured singer Halsey and mounted to extreme success in the US and UK, which hit number one in both countries.

Since then, The Chainsmokers released their debut album, which was certified platinum last August. In addition, their collaboration with band Coldplay, Something Just Like This, received wide critical acclaim. In 2017, they were also named as the third highest paid DJs in the world, according to Forbes. (See: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Recently, Pall and Taggert sat down with Forbes to discuss their success and new song, Sick Boy. Taggert asserted that Sick Boy is the beginning of a new era for the duo to grow both lyrically and rhythmically. He also discussed how Sick Boy was formed due to criticism the duo has faced and represents becoming who they really are as a musical group. Pall chipped in that the past few years have been a whirlwind of success beyond their wildest dreams and they look forward to putting out more music that truly represents them in the future. See Related Link to learn more.



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Doug Levitt Inspires People To Take On Noble Activities


A lot of people pursue their dreams of being a successful person in different fields. Among the fields that people seek are singing, songwriting, writing and plenty of others. Doug Levitt has achieved a lot in this field. Therefore, he has experienced the type of fulfillment that comes with this kind of success. He has also decided to use it for something that is very noble. Among the things he has done was take the time to reach out to the people that are struggling in the United States. He has gotten stories and has written what would become known as The Greyhound Diaries.

Not only has Doug Levitt taken on a lot of these noble activities, but he has inspired a lot of other people to do something similar. For one thing, there are a ton of people who have similar levels of compassion that Doug has. Given that he has taken the time to actually engage with people who are not as fortunate, he has inspired people to act with a similar type of courage and go out and engage with people that need a little extra assistance. People have also read his story and have decided that the people that are faced with hard times are not any different from people who are living more prosperous lives.

More people have worked to put together foundations that could be put in place to help the struggling in the United States. People that take the time to engage those that have either been born in a lesser circumstance or have been thrown into hard times because of dishonest methods on account of others. One of the goals is to make sure that there are resources that people can use in order to make sure that everyone has a fair chance.


Sergio Cortés Does Impressive Micheal JAckson Imitation


Sergio Cortés is known by many for his incredible impersonation of singer Michael Jackson. His skill and ability over the years has made thousands of his fans happy all around the world. He is considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators today, and his story has very interesting beginnings.

As a youngster, Sergio used to love watching videos of famous performers. In particular, he loved the incredible abilities of Michael Jackson, the lead singer of the famous group the Jackson 5. Sergio’s love for Michael Jackson became an obsession. For hours upon hours, he would watch his favorite performer knew his act, and had dozens of videos he had of his hero. He would watch the various moves and signature gestures that Jackson used in his act. After a while, Sergio became so engrossed with the performances, that he began to imitate them. At first he did not share his gift, and only allowed a few close family and friends the opportunity to see his impression.

One day, Cortés was out and about walking in his hometown. As he walked, he caught the eye of a local photographer. The photographer was impressed with Sergio’s incredible resemblance to Jackson. He spoke to Sergio for a few minutes, then asked the soon to be celebrity impersonator if he could take a photograph of him for a local paper. After some thought, Sergio agreed, and the next day the picture the photographer took was published in a local newspaper.

Sergio did not realize what he was starting. Interest in Sergio immediately exploded upon the photograph’s publication. Soon, Sergio found himself talking to various talent agents and show promoters. It was at that point he realized that they he had struck gold, and that he could probably do very well in show business. He decided after some deliberation to become a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. He began doing performances imitating Jackson, and soon became a local and nationwide celebrity.

Now, many years later, Sergio Cortés continues to do his incredible impression of Michael Jackson. He has gained the love and respect of thousands of adoring fans and well-wishers, and uses his talents to bring joy and happiness to the many people who never got a chance to see the King of Pop perform. Sergio Cortés and his incredible gift has transcended mediocrity and entered into a worldwide level of adoration and celebrity. Still, he remains humble, knowing that the gift that he has been given is not only for his benefit, but for the thousands of people who gain pleasure from his unique talents.

Sergio Cortes, Top Of The Line Michael Jackson Impersonator


There are many impersonators of late famous musical artists or film actors and actresses, such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and John F. Kennedy. Michael Jackson is another famous person that is commonly impersonated, and is known as one of the most difficult personas to imitate and emulate.

Mr. Sergio Cortes is a serial Michael Jackson impersonator, and solely impersonates the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Mr. Cortes was born in Spain back in 1971, where he lives to this day. He works for the entertainment company Destiny Projects, who specializes in artistic development, rather than being a freelancer. There is not much market for freelance Michael Jackson impersonators, as it is not exactly a commodity.

Sergio’s body type and dancing styles are very similar to the legendary Michael Jackson himself. Impersonating someone as unique as Michael Jackson is considerably difficult because he was able to do things that were not easily replicated by others.

Even though Sergio Cortes does not often perform in the United States, he is well known as a Michael Jackson impersonator in his home country of Spain, also throughout other countries in Europe. One of the biggest shows that brought him into the limelight was a performance in Madrid in 2012, that was performed as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Many Michael Jackson impersonators simply dance or sing, or dress like MJ did, but Sergio Cortes truly does it all. Cortes has made replications of some of Michael Jackson’s music videos, dances almost exactly how MJ did, and emulates his swagger nearly perfectly.

Also, many other impersonators do not have the drive to impersonate as much as Sergio Cortes has to impersonate Michael Jackson. Mr. Sergio Cortes has practically lived all of his adult life as an impersonator of MJ, and has been huge fan of all of his music and other works he has published or helped be a part of. Sergio Cortes continued to impersonate Michael Jackson and carry on his legacy to this day. Some people impersonate famous celebrities just to make some money, or just for fun, but Mr. Cortes does it as if it were his calling — it truly is his calling.

Anyone who is in the same area that Sergio Cortes is performing in should go out of their way to see him impersonate the late legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson.