Nitin Khanna: A Man With A Taste For Wine


After reading an article relating to his journey from his taste for wine to having the leadership to some award-winning documentaries, Nitin Khanna has shown that he is one of the most interesting icons in today’s society as an entrepreneur.

As many would know, Nitin Khanna was once in control of one of the biggest and successful cannabis oil companies in the world. After representing multiple non-profit businesses in Portland, Oregon, Nitin Khanna has inspired other local entrepreneurs to achieve much success with what they are passionate about.

What a lot of people don’t know about is that Nitin Khanna has a serious taste for movies and wine. Of course, almost 98% of people across the world love movies, but not a lot of people have a similar taste with a bottle of wine as he does.

Nitin Khanna was involved as a producer for a few films that were mostly documentaries. However, he helped produce two award-winning films called “Terms and Conditions May Apply” and “What Lies Upstream”.

As for his passion for wine, Nitin Khanna delivered his very own mark for Pinot Noir and Four Handle. This has led him to effectively be associated with the Oregon wine appearance on the leading group of the Classic Wines Auction.

Despite that he is not big on ideas, Nitin Khanna still sets his mind on executing his process with creating new software solutions. These are the type of solutions that once helped the government before switching over to a film-like career. He considers producing films as his place of new success.

Up to this point, he has helped make millions of dollars in many of his produced films and build an emphasis that would encourage the viewers, entrepreneurs, and business partners to express themselves through their gifts and passions.

To conclude, Nitin Khanna’s taste for wine is just one of many success stories that he loves to share with the people. Even though he has over millions of dollars in his wine projects, he still figuring out ways to stay engaged with not just this industry but other industries that he is currently involved in

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Alex Pall: The One-Half of The Chainsmokers


The release of Closer by The Chainsmokers featuring multi-talented songstress Halsey brought a new light to the dynamic duo. Unlike their previous smash hits releases like Don’t Let Me Down and Rose, we get to see the singing aspect by one half of the duo.

The development has become an interesting part given the reliance on songwriters and vocalists for the addition of the human element in the electronic sound waves. The move has been taunted to personalize The Chainsmokers Brand and paint the duo as true artists. Alex Pall has been at the forefront of creating intimacy n a genre often void of emotions and human element.

During an interview with Alex Pall grew up in the DJ environment in New York City. But at the moment, it was more of a side hustle and hobby. Alex Pall was working at an art gallery when he noticed the impact of dance music on his life.

Through working with his manager, Alex Pall was able to meet up with his counterpart Drew. The chemistry between the duo was imminent and they immediately started working together.

Drew was a multitalented producer and Alex Pall has a couple of DJ gigs within his marketing social network. They began working on establishing their identity as artists together. It was here that the fans started relating to the music at a much deeper level.

Alex Pall admits and refutes that as D duo in the electronic dance music genre, it has hard for them to build a strong identity as real artists. Alex Pall revealed that they work with songwriters with the lyrics references their lives.

Alex Pall also hailed Halsey for the collaboration Closer. He also revealed that they had been eyeing her for some time. Her uniqueness made her the best fir for the collabo. Alex Pall revealed that the song was masterminded by Drew and their friend on the tour bus. With Drew’s singing capabilities and their production prowess, Alex Pall sees the combination as something uncommon in their music genre.

Alex Pall also spoke on the change when it comes to the live shows and their expanding fan base. They duo was in consultation with their visualist on creating new content daily. He hopes that this would cross boundaries and offer new experiences.

Clay Hutson: The Successful Sound Engineer and Music Producer


Sound engineers fix the technical features of music production through mixing, manipulating, and equalizing the electronic effects of different sounds. Sound engineers don’t always have to work in the music industry alone. Some specialize in designing sound at conferences, and theatres. Others work on sounds in venues that need a sound projection for audiences. A prime example of a successful sound engineer in the music industry is Clay Hutson. He hails from Nashville and has dedicated most of his time and career to finding viable solutions for musicians, and artists.

Hutson isn’t like the typical sound engineers, and music producers found in the industry. His unique capabilities are tied to his commitment to giving the best services in the sector. He takes artists through their careers by analyzing their thoughts then considering their feelings. Besides, he also wants to make sure that the fan base experiences a unique performance. That is why he spends his mornings and evenings at work. Hutson has incredible experience in live entertainment. He also specializes in tour management.


Over the years, he has learned the operations of different genres of music thereby starting a company. He has also been lucky to learn something new from every position he held. He owns incredible skills and has perfected his art in music production. Before he started his firm, Clay Hutson experienced some challenges working for a company dealing in music production. The economic recession had a negative impact on the firm. So he left to establish his empire. That seemed like the right move not only for his career but clients too.

Clay Hutson has worked in the music industry since he was a toddler. His passion turned into a career. Working with the likes of Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and Guns N Roses, he carved out his career in the sector of music production. Today, Hutson is considered a rare gem in the industry. He is also keen on providing artists with some of the best platforms for performing. Hutson always seeks aesthetic perfection coupled with unparalleled live music experience. He hopes that every musician accesses the right tools and support team for production and tour management.