Taking on Corporate Acquisitions with Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein


Jeremy Goldstein has placed his attention on corporate mergers and acquisitions. These aren’t the only fields that Goldstein has taken an interest in. He has many talents that have placed him on a successful path in his life and business ventures.Jeremy Goldstein has held roles as a leading counsel with several large acquisitions such as South African Breweries, Sears, and Alltel to name a few. He is also known for his involvement with Time Warner, which is one of the largest of all mentioned. For Goldstein, his recalls his greatest achievement being a part in acquisitions with J.P. Morgan Chase.


He became a specialist for practitioners that seek education on their own and are interested in combining expertise in several areas to achieve greater results. Goldstein is an expert when it comes to corporate finance, commercial banking, and managerial governance. He also brings his experience as a corporate lawyer. If it weren’t for Goldstein’s expertise, many companies would have to bring in several specialists for the different fields. Companies tend to take in one individual that has multiple specialties opposed to a team.


Corporate Attorney Jeremy Goldstein has mastered the challenge of ensuring that complex contracts are legally sound. When it comes to major acquisitions, hundreds of billions of dollars in assets can be involved, so it is imperative that all parties ensure that contracts are properly negotiated before a sound agreement is made. Lawyers like Goldstein understand that the process of conducting negotiations are important. This is because they – lawyers – have the expertise necessary to agree on or reject certain negotiated terms. Goldstein ensures his clients that they are able to reach agreements immediately so that deals can be feasible. If negotiations take too long, the corporate leaders will sometimes sideline an acquisition proposal toward activities that are more effective.


Jeremy Goldstein is the founder and a partner at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. The firm is a boutique law firm that advertises to compensation committees, CEOs, management teams and executive corporations that are looking for compensation and governances. This usually includes corporate events and sensitive matters. Before Goldstein founded his firm, he was a partner at a New York law firm. Jeremy has been involved with several largest corporate transactions in the last decade. Goldstein has a J.D. from New York University School of Law, as well as an M.A. from the University of Chicago alongside being a B.A. cum laude with a significant number of subjects from Cornell University.


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Peter Harris Has Done Well For The Company


Finance is known as a profitable subject, though many people have a hard time learning about it. Studying finance usually involves studying math and learning about a lot of topics that seem very abstract and are sometimes hard to understand. Because it is such a rigorous topic and there is so much demand for financial professionals, a person who is good at the subject is something to cherish. Peter Harris is one of these financial professionals.

Peter Harris is a Managing Director of a finance company called CBL Corp Ltd. The company does business in the financial subcategory of P&C insurance. The company is relatively small, with an employee body of about 550. The people who work for this company should be proud that they work for such a fine organization that is run by the best of the best. Judging by the success of this company, it is quite evident that the company is run by enthusiastic, intelligent people who live and breath finance—including Peter Harris.

Business is very difficult, and most businesses that are started do not survive. However, CBL Corp Ltd stands out as a company that has survived the test of time. Standing the test of time is largely due to the great management that the company has experienced under Peter Harris’s wing. Terrible management could never run a company for that long.

Professionally, Peter Harris is a very well-rounded person. He is a member of Spirit of New Zealand Foundation, NZ Latin American Business Council, Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Institute of Management. It is important to be active in many different organizations, professionally, because it makes a person well rounded and gives depth to their viewpoints. It is without a doubt that being a member of all of these organizations has given Peter Harris insight into the finance industry and what he can do for his own job.

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Jeremy Goldstein & His Progressive Approach To Mental Illness


Mental illness has reached epic proportions in the 21st century. Whether the individuals were born with a mental disability or the individuals have simply suffered some form of mental breakdown, more than 450 million people are reported to have fallen victim to this wrath. It is said that mental illness will have its grip around 25 percent of the world’s population in future years. The numbers are rather astounding, especially in today’s trying times. Attorney Jeremy Goldstein may not be the most exceptional figure in this particular subject, but he has done some amazing things to enrich the lives of mental illness sufferers. Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the Board of Director’s for one of New York’s mental illness organizations. This organization is known as Fountain House, and it has been in existence since 1944.


Fountain House got its name from an actual fountain that sits on the organizations property. The group of individuals who founded the organization has implemented this fountain into the organization’s framework. Fountain House provides residency for hundreds of people who have a mental disability. This amazing nonprofit organization provides a wide range of beneficial services that its occupants can use to lead productive lives. Of course, the organization is backed by the local community in which it resides. This is a team effort of like-minded individuals. Jeremy Goldstein is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to keep the organization running on all cylinders, funding must be generated. Goldstein has found an efficient way of bringing in much needed revenue. He does this by hosting wine dinners. Goldstein is the man of the hour when it comes to this particular topic, and his resume provides 100 percent proof of his valiant effort.


On May 21, 2019, lawyer Jeremy Goldstein hosted a phenomenal wine dinner at New York’s NoMad Hotel. “You Are Not A Rhone” was the title of the actual event. From 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., this roof deck festival was rocking and rolling. Some of the best tasting wines were served as well as some of the tastiest meals. Each individual who entered the event spent a whopping $5K per ticket. Jeremy Goldstein has been able to cover many of Fountain House’s expenses with this capital. At this point in time, the future looks much brighter for the fight against mental illness, and Jeremy Goldstein is one of the field’s most productive components.


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