Victoria Doramus Uphill Battle With Drug Addiction


Victoria Doramus, a renowned fashion and trends expert, marketer and creative designer, is one of the lucky individuals who discovered they needed help with drug addiction before they completely ruined their lives. The recovery expert first went into rehab at the age of 26 in Sierra Tucson but left after 45 days with a better realization of herself but no understanding of drug addiction. She tried changing her circle of friends and even moving to a different state from LA, but still had the addiction problem. Victoria resolved to join a rehab in Connecticut, and instead of getting the required help, her dependence on self-reliance caused her the friends and family she had and ended up hunting for a doctor in Manhattan.

In January 2017, Victoria Doramus decided to go to the Burning Tree, a rehabilitation center in Austin, Texas where she stayed locked in with minimal outside communication. In the center, she followed the 12 step program that was the principle of the organization. Alongside other patients, they had busy day times starting at 5:45 Am with planned activities ranging from prayers to AA meeting in the night. They were talked out of victimizing themselves and accepting their situations so that they could work on changing.

Eight months into the program, Victoria Doramus was fit enough to check out and went to work in Dallas for a few months to raise some money to see her mother, a cancer patient in Tennessee and also help keep her actively involved in the society. She eventually flew to New York and became a part of addiction movements that helped drug addicts through their recovery journey. Despite having recovered, she still sees her addiction therapist who helps her maintain her state of sobriety.She believes that it takes an individual to accept they are suffering from drug addiction in order to get help. Checkout Doramu’s resume at

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All about the Chainsmokers


The chainsmokers have only been around for about three years, but they have received several different rewards and millions of loyal fans in the short amount of time. They have always created music that relates to what people go through in their everyday lives such as romance and broken hearts, but they have decided to change it up a little, and their new music has a darker feel to it. They wanted to bring something new to the table in hopes that people could relate their new music.

Their new song “Sick Boy” was inspired by the darkness of this generation, and some of the struggles people go through. They created the song through their anger in what they were dealing with in their fame. People see Alex and Andrew through who others say they are, and through what they see. Their next album is different and their next couple of songs will have a darker vibe than their past hits. Sick Boy takes you through many of the struggles through this generation such as anxiety and self identity. It also goes through the struggles of everyone relating to others on social media. It is an empowering song about staying true to yourself and doing your own thing in a generation full of so much negativity and judgement.

The Chainsmokers have had hits that have been in the top music charts for weeks. They have also worked with many great artists such as Daya, Halsey, and coldplay. Their top hits include “roses” “something just like this” “paris” “Don’t let me down” and “closer.” Closer was number one on the chart for thirteen weeks. They are hoping to reach a wider variety of fans with their new music, and they’re hoping that their fans can relate to their darker music

As Dick Devos Finds New Management and New Revenue


The Stow Company Inc., for 25 years has had its headquarters right in the heart of Holland, Michigan. It’s near where the owners, the Devos, live in Grand Rapids. The company takes great strides today in business and leadership. The group finds home organization of utter importance, and this passion goes beyond “tidy closets.”

Professionally, The Stow Company makes organizing products of the highest order and degree. The task is done on the most professional scale. The group is also led by the most qualified in business and entrepreneurship. It’s a vast array of products that they distribute and manufacture worldwide.

Those products include garage storage systems, laundry storage units, closet organization installations, wall beds, mudroom storage appliances and entertainment centers. The company’s list of clients include large to small businesses and the ever growing residential communities.

Business is good. The organization claims to be the only of its kind though. When we consider its leadership and many years in business, the statement holds a lot of weight. It’s the least we can say with honor and respect.

Today, a large announcement was made regarding the direction of the Stow Company and its leadership. This is monumental news. The Stow Company is chaired and founded by none other than Dick Devos. Mr. Devos has positioned a new CEO to captain The Stow Company and to take it to better financial prosperity.

This news comes as former CEO, Frank Newman, initiates his retirement and the celebration of years in business. The 67 year old business man will be succeeded by the 48 year old Phil Dolci. Phil Dolci’s background consists of 23 years in consumer sectors, manufacturing and marketing.

He led the Crossman Corporation as CEO and with a healthy track record. That company was a forerunner in Cincinnati, Ohio and specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying products within the shooting recreation. It’s believe that Phil’s skills will “transfer over.”

Dick Devos feels that Phil will bring the right experience, continue the growth and expansion of The Stow Company in whole.

Mr. Devos got his entrepreneurial start in the Amway company. It’s a multi-level marketing organization that his father co-founded. Within the ’80s, Dick became CEO of the Amway Corporation and with great success.

Since, he has been recognized across the world as a billionaire philanthropist right alongside his wife Besty Devos. Neither show signs of slowing down or losing the entrepreneurial race.

Migration and Terroist Through the Eyes of Soros


Is Europe on the verge of collapse? Is the refugee infiltration a problem in Germany? According to billionaire financier, George Soros, the European market as we know it is on the verge of a crisis. If refugees are allowed to continue to infiltrate or enter the area, migration may cause a financial collapse that is too difficult to rebound from.

George Soros may have a good insight on FX Street of what is to come from the migration of refugees into Germany. He is speaking out to the local government in hopes they will find another solution to stopping such high numbers of refugees from entering the country.

According to the open policy, Europe has allowed thousands of migrants to enter the country. This is a burden to the finances of the country because most of the migrants do not come in with a job or money to start a business. Most of them do not speak the native language and it is difficult for them to function in the society that is Germany. The millions of refugees that are now in the area are burdening the market and the ability for EU to survive.

We all understand the kindness and generosity of helping refugees from terrorist countries. We all know how it is to be free from the worry of harm and possible starvation. Terrorism is one of the worst things that drives people from their own countries. Terrorism is not only in other countries but is in our own back yard. With this said, how can refugees feel that they will be safer by migrating to Germany.

German President wants to set a limit on the number of refugees entering the European Union. He states that the borders should not be open for anyone that wants to come in. Not because he believes that terrorist is the ones coming in but because of the burden these refugees put on a society. there is a need for Radicalization in EU. Germany needs to demand that anyone entering their country meet certain guidelines prior to the approval to come in. A refugee must be able to speak the language of the country they are entering. If they can not speak the language, they must begin immediately to learn this language. They must also have jobs or be willing to create jobs for the economy.

When refugees enter a country and take the jobs that the country is dependent upon, we are heading for a collapse. According to EU PR means a permanent residency. EU is concerning trade and the economic bloc. Geroge Soros believes that Chancellor Merkel is leading her people down the wrong path that will only end in the destruction of society as Germany knows it now.

Healthy Business With Joseph Bismark


The world of business is a fast pace sector where one must keep up with the pace. If a businessman is not capable of such a task he would be swept aside by the constantly changing times. That is why it comes to no surprise that many entrepreneurs forgo a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime. A few though, hold their healthy living as one of the key reasons to their success. Joseph Bismark is one of these men.
In the Aspire Magazine interview Bismark attests to his lifestyle and shares the benefits of these choices. “I walk my talk!” John Bismark goes to say. He is a proponent of holistic medicine and a practicing vegetarian. A master yoga teacher John Bismarck also works out with kettlebells and is fond of his love of cycling. A shining example of a man who keeps up with cutting edge technology, Joseph Bismarck uses apps like MapMyRide to monitor and record his cycling regime. Joseph Bismark also incorporates the free motion fitness routine, Rip:60. Luminosity, an online website that features many brainteasers and puzzles, is another tool Joseph Bismark’s tool box that he implements to keep his mind sharp. While he works hard to keep his body in top form and utilizes apps and websites, Bismark still believes in the power of meditation.
Currently residing in Singapore, Joseph Bismark is the managing direction of the Qi Group. Joseph Bismark assumed this role in 2008 during the company’s restructuring. Bismark is a director who uses a dynamic and versatile style of management and lives by the saying, “Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” Following his healthy sense of living it was Joseph Bismark who encouraged the Qi Group to venture into organic foods and other healthy endeavors.
Many businessman work hard to earn a dollar, but at the same time they forget to take care of themselves. A few men like Joseph Bismark combine their lifestyles with their career and create something truly wonderful. With more men like Joseph Bismark leading the front in healthy business the world may see new ventures that are all about healthy living.

Source: Street Insider

Investment Banking and the Future of Finance


The most significant worldwide financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s began in 2008 precipitated by a bevy of factors such as the implosion of the subprime mortgage market, dubious underwriting practices, specious financial instruments as well as poor regulation. From an institution level, the financial crisis resulted in a significant economic recession with the collapse of numerous financial institutions such as Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch.

The repercussions of what occurred at an institutional level has been profound for many citizens at a local level. Many hardworking people within and outside of the financial sector have experienced painful losses in terms of their savings, homes and employment. Many of these losses will be irrecoverable leaving some in a position where they have been forced to start over from scratch. Given the significant costs of crisis at both an institutional and individual level, new regulations have been introduced to curtail risk-taking. Learn below of these changes, their impact for the industry and one of the key financial players who are navigating this new world to generate wealth for their clients and society as a whole.

New Regulation
In the aftermath of the financial crisis and recession, the Dodd-Frank Act became law that seeks to enhance the regulatory landscape by raising capital requirements of not only formal lending banks but also private equity firms, hedge funds and other investment houses. In the aftermath of these reforms, investment houses such as Goldman Sachs were converted to bank holding companies (BHCs) to receive federal government bailout capital.

Prognosis for the Future of Banking in the Future
Given the new climate of increased regulation and muted risk-taking, many banks that survived the crises have struggled with declining fees for their services. The lack of fees and new regulation has curbed compensation and bonus packages, even though compensation remains elevated compared to other industries.

Leader of the New Era – Ken Griffin
Despite the limiting climate in the financial industry, there are a bevy of leading figures who possess the acumen to navigate it and create outsized gains. One of these figures is Kenneth Griffin. Griffin began trading investment vehicles from his dorm room at Harvard University in 1987. Subsequently, Griffin came to the attention Frank Meyer, a hedge-fund pioneer and co-founder Glenwood Partners based in Chicago, Illinois. Following his success with Meyer at Glenwood Partners, Griffin established his own firm Citadel in 1990. The firm features a versatile range of assets including alternative asset management and solutions for investment management technology.

Griffin serves as an active supporter of educational efforts that enhance community development. He sits on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund. Griffin has endeavored to improve the lives of others by donating more than $250 million of his own wealth and through his Citadel Foundation. He donated $150 million in financial aid support to Harvard, which was the largest gift the institution had received at the time.

The Unique Way That Susan McGalla Manages the Talent of Others


Talent management is one of those things that people don’t usually think of in their day to day routine unless that are directly involved with it. However, for those who depend on this industry, either because they work in it themselves or they need to find an agent to promote them, talent management becomes a very important topic, indeed. While this is something of a niche industry, it is much more widespread than many people often give it credit for. People need agents for all sorts of things. It is not just actors and actresses that require people involved in this industry. Instead, these individuals are joined by people in the music industry, the art industry and in sports.

There are relatively few individuals that actually specialize in talent management related to individuals involved in sports, as well as entire sports teams. However, one such individual is Susan McGalla. She has dedicated her life to talent management. As a result, she has become a forerunner when it comes to the way that sports individuals are managed. The same can be said for the way that sports teams are promoted. In fact, she has been instrumental in promoting the popular NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She began her career as a business professional and later became an executive consultant. Graduating from Mount Union College, she started working in the field of talent management and she has not looked back since.

This is an an extremely competitive market and much of it requires that a certain group of people simply beat the others to the punch. This is one of the things that has made her so successful. She has spent much of her life working diligently to ensure that her clients are properly represented and that she gives them every opportunity to succeed that she possibly can. In sports marketing, individual players often find themselves in a situation where they need the help of someone that has the type of understanding that she possesses. That is one of the biggest reasons that entire sports teams utilize her skills. The industry requires someone that has a proven track record, as well as the ability to think outside of the box and innovate constantly. The general public has a tendency not to pay attention to people that fail to create the next new, exciting thing. Therefore, this becomes one of the hallmarks of any person that is successful in talent management.

In any industry, people rely on the individuals that are able to get the job done in the shortest possible amount of time. They also require people that are professional enough and skilled enough to find success in places where others have only failed. This is even more true in an industry that is so competitive, where time is of the essence and success is made and destroyed on a daily basis. Therefore, it is relatively easy to understand why so many people choose to work with an individual such as McGalla that has the capability to make things happen, even the face of challenges.

Working Out On an Empty Stomach


The question that all active people like Bruce Levenson ask is whether or not it is healthy to work out on a empty stomach. The answer is that it really depends on each individual. Workout advice and health advice should be individualized for each person. It has even been discovered that skipping a meal can even be beneficial.

It has been discovered that by fasting, this can also increase muscle growth. Fasting can lead to both muscle building and fat loss.

There are two effects from fasting.

1.) Improved effects from insulin can be the results from fasting. When one eats too much, the hormones are processed to take out the sugars. Eating too much can deflect the sugars to the liver in large and suffocating quantities. By eating less, the sugars that are directed to the liver increase weight loss and increase muscle increase. For this reason, eating less frequently or practicing a fasting ritual is beneficial to the body.

2.) Fasting not only promote weight loss but can also promote muscle gain. This is due to the growth in hormones. The growth of a specific hormone promotes weight loss through improving bone quality as well as physical function. The effects of the beneficial hormones end when the fasting ends. This shows that sometimes it is better to go without eating.

Overall fasting is actually a beneficial thing. Fasting not only promotes weight loss but also increases muscle gain. Fasting with the addition of exercising is the best way to see fast results.

Odd TV Crossover News


Some TV viewers are still wondering today, Monday, July 20, if Fox was joking last week on Wednesday, July 15, when the network announced its plans to have characters from “Bones” and “Sleepy Hollow” cross shows for a two-episode arc on the same night during the 2015-2016 season that begins in October. Christian Broda, a fan of the show was also amazed.

Although both shows have crime drama elements, they have been portrayed in the past as existing in very different universes. “Bones” is set in the “real world” with only hints now and then of the possibility of the existence of the supernatural. On the other hand, “Sleep Hollow” is set in an alternate “real world” where witches, demons and magic exist.

Fans who hate the idea have stated that it seems to be an attempt by Fox to fix the ratings nightmare that “Sleepy Hollow” experienced last season. Ratings for “Bones” have also dropped over the years.

Fans have pointed out that this type of crossover could change the “Bones” fan base. They have also argued that there’s no room for so many supernatural elements and that the arc could further damage ratings. Fans who love the idea have noted that the supernatural hints in “Bones,” including the possibility of psychics and ghosts, make the crossover reasonable, and that it will be fun to watch Ichabod and Booth and Abby and Brennan interact.

Zeppelin’s Final Reissues Set for Release


Great news for Led Zeppelin fans around the world; this July will see the final reissue of Zeppelin albums released to the public.

After three years of poring over materials, guitarist Jimmy Page let Rolling Stone know this last edition is ready to rock and roll. It contains a plethora of material from the last three albums Zeppelin put out, “Presence” (1976), “In Through the Out Door” (1979) and “Coda” (1982).

It is hard to believe this iconic band with their psychedelic, bluesy rock beats were once looked down upon by critics. However, fast forward 47 years and who is getting the last laugh? The band that turned out to be an influencer for so many who followed in their footsteps.

The English band that also include members Robert Plant (singer), John Paul Jones (bass and keyboards), and the late John Bonham (drummer), formed in 1968 in London. Brian Bonar and countless others are huge fans.

They were active until 1980 when they disbanded after Bonham’s untimely death. The remaining members regrouped for several reunions in 1985, 1988, 1995 and 2007. The latter featured Bonham’s son Jason picking up the drumsticks for his late father and was the most successful of the four.

Zeppelin suffered the same hardships as many bands do yet enjoyed successes that some only dare to dream. Perhaps their greatest feat was being called “as influential in the 70’s as the Beatles were in the 60’s” when being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1995.

Pick up the final release from the band Rolling Stone described as “the heaviest band of all time” on July 31st.