Nicki Lets MTV go Behind the Scenes in New Documentary


Nicki Minaj has this thing for revealing personal information. It is what she is good at doing. She has become a celebrity that has managed to build a bond with her audience by sharing herself. She has autobiographical music. She has made a “PinkPrint” styled movie to go with the autobiographical songs. It should be no surprise to anyone that she is sharing more personal footage with MTV on her road to fame.

There are a lot of people that probably want to know what went into the making of the “PinkPrint” album. Nicki held it for almost a whole year while she teased fans with one single after another. It was pushed back, and some people thought that it would have the same fate that Lil Wayne’s “Carter V” – which is still, in Lil Wayne’s word, being “held captive” – had. Nicki seems to be her own boss though, and she had made the decisions that would carefully make her the talk of the town in 2015.

She ravished fans on the cover of the new “Rolling Stone” magazine cover. She presented a 2015 calendar with the new album that would make teenage boys – and most grown men – blush. She has been very up close and personal, but yet there is still more to unveil. According to Green Wedding Shoes, this documentary will take fans, like Dave and Brit Morin, on another wild ride with the most dominant hip-hop artist.

Nicki Minaj Brings Her Pain to Video


We all know that the PinkPrint is not a gimmick. There are, of course, some gimmicky tracks like “Anaconda” to lighten the mood, but the album revealed 2 sides of Nicki. As the singles dropped in 2014 people saw a playful Nicki Minaj that put some witty lyrics together to conjure up explicit imagery. Nicki appears to have different plans to promote the album now that it is officially available on iTunes. Bernardo Chua told me about this idea for a new movie that presents the second side of Nicki. The movie appears to present Nicki to the world as a vulnerable woman that just wants to be loved. A clip for the dark side to the “PinkPrint” was shown on Revolt TV.

The video is now available on the MTV website as well as well. So far more than 47,000 people have seen it, but this number is bound to rise. It is a bleak look at a relationship that does not have much of a hopeful future.

As the album release neared a much more serious side of Nicki was unveiled with the “Bed of Lies” single. The movie clip has shown fans that Nicki is using the new album as therapy.