Business With A Little Acting


Do conversations about reality TV drama series put you off? Especially when the title out-rightly warns you to prepare for endless squabbling, incessant complaints and vapid conversations? I had made a decision to boycott all reality drama TV series until “Queens of Drama” happened. First of all the title should have put me off instantly but scrolling down the screen, a different kind of drama happened.

Pop Network couldn’t have landed a better deal than this American drama series-cum-soap opera which goes beyond expected catfights to provide its audience with a taste of what girl power looks like when you bring together former stars of daytime and primetime soap operas. The series is steamy and quite a clever creation that features its cast working collectively on a project to form a production company that can develop new shows. As one follows these actresses in their daily quest to conclude their project at end of season, you are actually unknowingly, already watching a show, even before it is formed. How beautifully ‘dramatic’ is that!

Evolution in the entertainment industry has occasioned reduction in number of soap operas but for former actresses like Vanessa Marcil, Lindsay Hartley, Chrystee Pharis, Hunter Tylo and Crystal Hunt, it is not done and over until it is. The five women are adamant to let go of the reins and their belief in remaining relevant has borne us a series worth living for.

For a show that is largely about business, Crystal Hunt is well suited for it. As it follows, the cast is expected to play fictionalized variations of their characters in their respective former soap operas. Hunt holds nothing back as she expresses her aptitude in business. She is present in the entire ten part series, every time surprising the audience with her creativity. She is not shy to demonstrate her entrepreneurial side as the owner of a pet boutique.

Hunt is a talented photographer and actress and entrepreneur who started out her career at age 2 in pageants. Her face is popular at commercials for remarkable entities like Walt Disney and the NSYNC. Her fame kicked in when she received a Daytime Emmy Award nomination back in 2005 after playing Lizzie Spaulding on the CBS soap opera ‘Guiding Light’. She has played the villainous character of Stacy Morasco in the ABC drama series ‘One Life to Live’. She owns a pet boutique located in her hometown Clearwater, Florida.  Check out Crystal in Magic Mike XXL, and be sure to watch her reel on YouTube for more.