George Soros Leads a Philanthropic Revolution.


George Soros has been one of the guiding hands of progressive politics over the past fifty or so years. Soros, an immigrant from Hungary, has been living in New York since the ’50s. Soros claim to fame is his work with the Soros Management Fund. As a hedge fund manager George Soros managed to turn into one of the most successful people to ever take on the industry. George Soros is so much more than just a savvy financial adviser. He is also a leading voice in the resistance that has sprouted up against the presidency of Donald Trump. George Soros has become a lightning rod for conservative hatred and a rallying point for liberals around the world. Most recently, Soros has been making the news for his prolific philanthropic endeavors with the Open Society Foundations.

A frank discussion regarding the impact of George Soros on the world at large should start with his work at the OSF. The Open Society Foundations was founded nearly 30 years ago with the sole intention of providing relief and funding for grassroots progressive causes all around the world. Soros and the OSF have been instrumental in helping to fight for the embattled Roma people, Africans struggling during the era of Apartheid, and even for marriage equality here at home within the United States. As a foundation dedicated to advancing social justice and democracy around the globe, the OSF has become something of a target to conservatives. Soros saw how important his work was with the Open Society Foundations and in the wake of Donald Trump’s ascension to the White House, he decided to do something about it.

Over the past two years George Soros has been slowly feeding his charity in order to set it up to fight against the greater injustices in the world. Soros particularly targeted Donald Trump as an instigator and primary reason for the rise in hate crime in America. In the wake of Trump’s election, Soros immediately donated $10 million to his foundation to fight the “dark forces” that were rising in the United States. Thanks to financial disclosures it was also revealed that Soros did even more with his donations — he’s given up to $18 billion, with a B, to this point. Soros is giving away his fortune in order to establish his foundation for another lifetime of fighting for justice, equality, and transparent government all around the world.

George Soros saw with his own eyes how dangerous an extreme nationalist message could turn. Soros was in Hungary during the Nazi occupation back in 1944. During that year long occupation of brutality, Soros saw nearly 500,000 Jewish countrymen carted off or killed in the streets. Since then he has been prominent in his focus on Democracy and liberal and progressive ideals. Last year George Soros supported Hillary Clinton and his rising contention with Donald Trump has put him even more in the spotlight. However, Soros has yet to back down from all of the challenges he has faced from America’s nationalistic right wing. and Follow him