Suing over Soured Fruit or Just Bad Juices


Snoop Dogg the notorious Gin and Juice rapper is now suing Pabst Brewing Company. Snoop Dogg signed a 3 year endorsement back in 2011 to promote the beverage Colt 45 called blast. Blast is a fruit flavored malt liquor that apparently pabst’s soldier a group of investors for 700 million dollars. Daniel Amen told that he personally finds it amazing that anybody would pay 700 million dollars for fruit flavored malt liquor! Of course 700 million dollars was mentioned and now snoop wants his piece of that. A spokesperson for this brewery says they have not been contacted by any representatives or the rapper. They are currently investigating the situation and would be glad to speak with any of Snoops representatives or Snoop himself to help get this matter sorted out. Apparently they’re partnership took a sour turn. Probably because of fruit flavored malt liquor to begin with. This add had it all, with loads of fur coats, tons of women and a bunch of smooth talking. It’s hard to see why the world did not buy all of the fruit flavored malt liquor that was made. I mean how can anyone resist drinking malt liquor while wearing a fur coat? Cheeseburgers and Kate Upton will beat that any day of the week hands down. Although to rapper Snoop Dogg I must say this. Watch the movie beer fest. Do you want to be associated with strawberry flavored malt liquor? We all know that it is just okay. Of course you don’t! For the love of all things good stop putting fruit in malt liquor.Pick something and stick with it Mr Snoop Lion Dogg or whatever you are calling yourself now days. The world really doesn’t like fur anymore. It is kind of played out. Some things fads need to pass.