Nitin Khanna in the Entrepreneurship Industry


Mr. Nitin Khanna is the current Chief Executive Officer of the MergerTech Company. He pursued his masters and undergraduate degrees in Engineering from the Purdue University which is located in Portland. After Nitin was done with his education, he worked in several large companies where he gained the skills, experience and expertise to start his own company. His initial company was known as Saber Corp. This was a technology firm which he started in the year 1998. This hardworking man dedicated all his efforts into the betterment of his company which later on grew tremendously to be the leading independent company that provided various solutions to the government.

Nitin Khanna learnt various techniques while running the Saber Corp company and these techniques were a gateway to establishing MergerTech Company. The company offers technological solutions to its customers. Nitin Khanna is also a member in various company boards such as Vendscreen and Classic Wines Action. He is also on the forefront to ensure that both the recreational and medical cannabis industries are legalized for operations. He established the Cura Cannabis company which provides cannabis oil to a very large population.

Nitin reveals that he was born and brought up in an entrepreneurial family and he grew up watching the various family business perform so well. This was the force that pushed him to venture in to entrepreneurship. The Saber Corp company was also a result of his partnership with his brother. Nitin Khanna believes that the employees of a company are the major determinants of the company’s success level. Therefore, for a company to perform well it should always have the right workers. Nitin Khanna also believes in executions and not ideas. This is because most businesses today put all their focus on execution.

Nitin Khanna says that working with talented people is one of the ways that can help in the fast growth of a company. Nitin Khanna advices people to always be good managers of their time and to always manage their free time in the most productive way. Nitin Khanna also adds that he never involves himself with unproductive activities.

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“Marc Beer Steers Renovia Inc into Success “


Marc Beer is a co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer at Renovia Inc., a private medical company based in Boston, United States. The company comes up with diagnostic and therapeutic devices that are to cure a variety of pelvic floor disorders. Marc Beer perused a Bachelor of Science degree in Miami University and has vast experience of more than twenty-five years in biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceuticals.


In early 2000, he became the founding chief executive of Via Cell, a firm that dealt with the umbilical cord stem cells. He led the firm into a rapid growth spurt such that in over a seven-year period, it became a robust commercial establishment. While Marc Beer was working here, he also served as a board member for Erytech Pharma, a biopharmaceutical company. He is also the founding chairperson of a privately held molecular diagnostic firm called Good Start Genetics, Inc. Marc Beer prides in him being a member of the Miami University Business consultative council, and a having a one-time membership of Notre Dame Research Consultative Committee. The erstwhile member of Mass Life Science Board also held marketing positions in Abbot Laboratories.


Renovia Inc. is passionate about women’s health and offers a personalized approach to the pelvic health of women. Its vision is to diagnose, cure and better the lives of those women affected by the pelvic floor disorders. It aims at moving forward with several upcoming products, developing a variety of diagnostic and curative products for the pelvic floor disorders.


The firm works together with the Longwood Fund an investment firm that is healthcare focused. Marc Beer recently raised $42M to fund women’s health. Bay Cross Capital Group, a consulting and advisory company that specializes in capital optimization and equity raises, advised Renovia Inc on its $42.3M financing. The funding consisted of $32.3 million in Series B equity and $10 million in venture debt. The funds gathered are aimed at developing and testing 4 more curative and diagnostic products not excluding a new cohort of the Leva device. Combining the companies creative and proprietary sensor applied sciences will give the customers valuable information to guide through new treatment options and bring better understanding and knowledge of the pelvic floor disorders eventually reducing the chronic healthcare costs.


Renovia’s technology assists in treatment through specific visualization of pelvic motion in real-time during pelvic floor muscle coaching, while observing usage and progress over time.


To achieve the company’s vision and mission, Marc Beer works with an able team of professionals with diverse qualifications and experience. The team includes William Dull, Dr. Samantha Pulliam, José Bohorquez, Ph.D., and Jessica McKinney. Renovia currently appointed John A. Fallon, M.D. to its board of directors. Learn more:


ichel Terpin and his Passion Towards Sports


MMichel Terpin was born in 1979 in Sao Paulo, and his successful brother in the field of racing played a significant part in helping him shape his today`s successful career. The renowned rally driver is ranked among the most influential and successful rally drivers in the world. His father, who was a famous basketball player also served a great deal in inspiring him into his career. Michel has continued to impress people through his excellent skills in racing, besides perfecting his skills in the latter through learning from his older brother Rodrigo Terpin.


The duo has participated in many competitive races through which he has earned prestigious titles. He continues to gain inspiration in his career from the accreditation that he received from people concerning his notable successes. Michel drives a T-rex, and he recently took part in the 22nd Sertões Rally. Together with his brother, the two attained the seventh position in the prestigious rally, and though they have always emerged winners, he termed the experience as challenging due to the harsh terrains, that were unexpected. Rodrigo Terpins has continued to perfect his skills in the field of racing, and his ability to work closely with his elder brother has also served a great deal in helping him improve his skills. You can visit



Though car racing is termed one of the most challenging and dangerous sports in the world, Rodrigo Terpins has not been shaken, and he continues to gain more passion towards the games. He is not afraid to take risks, and he believes that his positivism is the primary reason behind his notable successes. He started his career in 2002, and he was passionate about motorcycles before later changing to cars after registering at the Prestigious Sertoes Rally. At first, he served as a navigator for his elder brother before then branching out on his own to make his career better. He has participated in numerous car races and being a go-getter, he has always emerged a victorious one. Besides focusing on his career, he has striven to encourage other people to follow their passion and adopt the best strategies to ensure that they achieve their goals.