Dick DeVos Continues To Find Creative Solutions To New Problems


Dick DeVos has always been an innovator in the business sector as he isn’t afraid to stand up for what he believes in. He has served in many different industries and continues to share his love for the aviation industry in more than one way. DeVos recently became a part of the Federal Aviation Administration’s top civilian panel that helps to oversee its strategy and direction. He joins a group of 13 people, in total, who will continue to serve in the business sector while taking part in the panel. DeVos will remain on the panel for 3 years as will the other new members who recently joined.


Dick DeVos knows when he sees a good business deal, and he also knows how to recognize a bad one. About three decades ago, the city of Grand Rapids was eyeing an idea that would see it constructing an arena and convention center close to the city’s downtown area. No one was stepping up to point out the downsides of the possible deal, so he decided to pick up the telephone and do it himself. He knew the idea had to be halted because he had seen a very similar idea turn bad in Detroit when the city had built the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills.


Dick DeVos did more than just put a stop to the idea. In the process, he helped to create Grand Action, which is a group of business leaders from the Grand Rapids region who care about the city’s success. The group has helped to push forward the construction of countless buildings that have been vital to the city. DeVos has also donated millions of dollars of his own money to help out with the construction of important buildings like the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


If Dick DeVos wanted to, he could retire today and enjoy all of his riches. Instead, he has continued to use his influence and wealth to make changes in the world that he believes are good for people. In the mid 2000s, he ran to serve as Michigan’s governor but lost to the Democrat incumbent at the time. DeVos has also supported important legislation that has helped to change the face of Michigan. One of the most important pieces of legislation he has helped to push through is a law that changed the state into a right-to-work state.


Dick DeVos is the son of Richard DeVos, who was an American businessman and billionaire who just recently passed away. He served as the CEO of Amway for almost a decade and is currently the CEO of the Windquest Group. DeVos earned his bachelor’s degree in business administration while attending Northwood University.


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Betsy DeVos and the Wonders of Change


Betsy DeVos is a woman who basically has countless stories to tell the world. Her life explains that well, too. She’s achieved so much in a relatively short period of time. DeVos was only born at the end of the fifties. She’s been taking the planet by storm since she was pretty young. Learning as the youthful Elisabeth Prince proved to be an invaluable journey for this woman. It taught her so much about the future. It taught her so much about society in general. Betsy was enrolled at Calvin College located in wondrous Holland, Michigan. The school wasn’t too far from the place she was reared. There’s never any arguing that she’s a Michigan native. She married a fellow Michigan native by the name of Dick DeVos. People sometimes call him Richard.


DeVos has had many positive influences thus far. She was reared by a man called Edgar Prince. He wasn’t in any sense an ordinary individual. He was one of the most widely known businessmen in the United States. He had a big name in the Midwest, too. Working as an industrialist was something that proved to be immensely satisfying to him. DeVos could sense that every day of her life. She saw that her dad had a major drive to succeed in his field. That’s precisely what encouraged her to reach for the stars as an adult. She soared in her Calvin College studies. Students at the college admired her academic abilities strongly. That made her feel 100 percent motivated.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is one of the things that DeVos appreciates the most in this world. It’s a renowned non-profit force in America and elsewhere. Why does it matter so much to DeVos? It matters because it makes a difference. The organization has aided a seemingly endless stream of families in the United States. It’s accomplished so much for the arts and even for culture. Dick and Betsy enhance the organization and its focal points any time the opportunity pops up. They give the group donations that cover all sorts of diverse and meaningful missions.


Why does DeVos wake up so early each A.M.? She does so out of the sheer desire to aid the planet. She’s not satisfied with a life of being placid. Being complacent just doesn’t make her feel anything. It truthfully makes her feel a little drab. She wants to accomplish so much during the time that she has on this majestic planet. She wants to push other people to do the same. Dick and Betsy are a married couple who adore being alive. They’re a couple of individuals who want to change everything for the better no matter what.


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DeVos Family Contributions Labeled a Smoke Screen


United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has undergone criticism and disapproval since she was appointed to the position in 2017. Her controversial political donations to Republican candidates and her widely unpopular decisions surrounding educational funding have brought her into the spotlight of public scrutiny more than once in her short time in office. In fact, a poll conducted in September found that she was the most unpopular member of the Trump cabinet, with 40% of voters finding her unsuitable for the position. Educators and students alike have out-cried that DeVos is not fit for a position in education, having no professional background in the field prior to her nomination.


While it’s true that she has never been an educator or worked in the field in the past, DeVos has had her hands in the political reformation of education long before her appointment to Secretary of Education. In recent months, the DeVos family has de-privatized information about their contributions, both political and non-for-profit, revealing that their philanthropy is largely based in what they believe is an effort to better education. In 2015, the family donated $3 million dollars to educational foundations: 26% of their household’s total charitable donations. In addition to those contributions, another $357,000 dollars was given to groups whose specific purpose is to reform education.


But this raises the question, exactly what type of educational reform is Betsy DeVos contributing to? Her maiden family, the wealthy Prince’s, were long known for their charitable giving, but the receiving parties were often what the public would now consider regressive. In 2017, DeVos denied, under oath, any involvement in her mother’s contributions made to staunchly conservative foundations that publicly refute LBGTQ rights, non-christian education, and sexual education outside that which promotes only abstinence until marriage. But, DeVos’ name was listed as the Vice President of the Prince Foundation, the donating party, on supporting tax documents. While she was technically cleared of any involvement in those donations, it is clear that those family values fuel her own charitable donations and often unpopular educational decisions.


Aligning with this thought is the work she’s been doing involving collegiate issues. Recently, she has been scrutinized for her work in sexual-education on college campuses, with students and educational professionals sharing their concerns that she is condemning victims of sexual assault by advocating more for the accused than for those who have bravely come forward to report their assaults, and hurting the acceptance of gay and transgender students in her speeches. Likewise, her work in student loan forgiveness has caused nation-wide concern, with a lawsuit being filed just days ago by the Teachers’ Union, alleging that the Educational Department has mismanaged the loan forgiveness program that helps teachers and other public service workers repay and avoid debt.


The DeVos’ family’s previously mentioned donations went almost entirely to christian schools, both private and public. Quoted in an interview with MLive, Dick DeVos said, “Kids growing up in the wrong ZIP codes were not able to access the American dream and achieve the education necessary to have a shot at the American dream.” However, critics are calling the DeVos’ educational pursuits, and the information they released about them, a smoke screen, claiming the charter schools they are supporting and advocating for are drawing needed tax dollars from traditional public schools – suggesting their self-proclaimed selfless work is all in the name of an agenda.


The DeVos family and their spokespeople remain adamant that their charitable contributions and Betsy’s work as U.S. Secretary of Education is all altruistic, meant to help, not hurt, the future of students and educators. As public unrest about her decisions heightens and she struggles to gain support from other government officials, questions about her intents continue to circulate.


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