Meet Perry Mandera, the Humble Entrepreneur with a Great Heart


Perry Mandera can be described as a man with a big heart. He is the founding director of the Custom Cares Charities aimed at reaching out for the less privileged. The philanthropist is the CEO of the liberal movement. Custom Care focuses on providing transport services to needy persons. Mr. Perry Mandera is an entrepreneur and a religious person who is particularly passionate about sports and always creates time for his family.


After graduating, Mandera joined the Marines and worked in the motor pool department. He learned to operate a truck and mastered basic transport concepts. The experienced driver was fit to work in any transportation company.


Custom Companies Inc. Foundation


Perry Mandera established the Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986. The popular business targets both the small entrepreneurs and fortune 100 organizations. It has over 300 workers and a sales record of more than $200 million. Custom Inc is headquartered at Northlake, Illinois, and agents throughout the US. It is known for delivering excellent services to its customers.


Mandera values his clients and insists on providing affordable rates, innovative ideas, and reliable sources. He treats information from customers with confidentiality. The company has opened numerous distribution centers and warehousing services.


Charity Work


Perry Mandera is a celebrated philanthropist. He has donated funds to various charitable movements to raise the living standards of children, veterans, and young people. Mandera also funds cancer eradication organizations. Besides, his charitable missions extend to the field of sports where he is engaged in the training of young people who participate in football, basketball, boxing, and baseball.


The renowned business leader has seen his company, the Custom Companies, in supporting tornado victims living in Washington during the year 2013. He achieved this through the supply of necessities to the affected families in the region. He donated over 6,500 winter coats to the needy kids.


The Custom Cares Companies transported food and other essential supplies to Hurricane Katrina and California wildfires victims. He uses the Custom Cares Charities to reach out to the needy groups. Also, young students have benefited from the sponsorship program initiated by the company. The liberal movement provides financial aid to disadvantaged kids for education purposes.




Perry Mandera is a fellow of the United States Marines Corps Reserve and Illinois Trucking Association (ITA). He participates in the SmartWay program to lower carbon emissions. The humble philanthropist supports the Chicago Anti-Hunger Federation.

Adam Milstein’s Career and Philanthropy


Adam Milstein who is an investor, a philanthropist, and an author has an Israeli American origin. As the managing partner in Hagar Pacific properties, he oversees all the financial aspects of the company, as well as disposition and accounting.In addition to establishing Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, he co-founded the Israeli-American Council where he acts as the chairperson of the board.

Adam Milstein was born in Haifa, Israel, in 1952 to immigrant parents. His father was a real estate developer. Milstein joined the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) for mandatory practice and took part in the Yom Kippur War in 1973. He then got admitted into the Technion where he studied and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 1978. He took part in developing and expanding his father’s real estate construction company while he was studying. The philanthropist moved to the United States of America and attended the University of Southern California where he received his Master’s in Business Administration (MBA).

Adam Milstein is an active philanthropy and has taken part in several charities. Through the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation, Adam has been able to sponsor the education of students and other young Jewish individuals. The organization has been active in teaching people of the Jewish origin living in the United States about the Jewish people and the State of Israel’s way of life. Adam and his wife Gila also founded the Sifriyat Pijama B’America organization that offers free books written in Hebrew to at least 770 Jewish-American families living in the United States on a monthly basis. The couple founded The Donor Forum organization in 2016 to link pro-Israel donors to pro-Israel concerns and issues.

Adam Milstein also sits on several board committees including Israel on Campus Coalition, StandWithUs, Bright Israel, Hasbara Fellowships, and the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) executive national assembly. Due to his active roles in advocating for the Israeli and Jewish community, Adam Milstein was put on the list of the world’s most 50 influential Jews in 2016. He lives in Encino, Carlifornia, with his wife, three children, and three grandchildren.