As Dick Devos Finds New Management and New Revenue


The Stow Company Inc., for 25 years has had its headquarters right in the heart of Holland, Michigan. It’s near where the owners, the Devos, live in Grand Rapids. The company takes great strides today in business and leadership. The group finds home organization of utter importance, and this passion goes beyond “tidy closets.”

Professionally, The Stow Company makes organizing products of the highest order and degree. The task is done on the most professional scale. The group is also led by the most qualified in business and entrepreneurship. It’s a vast array of products that they distribute and manufacture worldwide.

Those products include garage storage systems, laundry storage units, closet organization installations, wall beds, mudroom storage appliances and entertainment centers. The company’s list of clients include large to small businesses and the ever growing residential communities.

Business is good. The organization claims to be the only of its kind though. When we consider its leadership and many years in business, the statement holds a lot of weight. It’s the least we can say with honor and respect.

Today, a large announcement was made regarding the direction of the Stow Company and its leadership. This is monumental news. The Stow Company is chaired and founded by none other than Dick Devos. Mr. Devos has positioned a new CEO to captain The Stow Company and to take it to better financial prosperity.

This news comes as former CEO, Frank Newman, initiates his retirement and the celebration of years in business. The 67 year old business man will be succeeded by the 48 year old Phil Dolci. Phil Dolci’s background consists of 23 years in consumer sectors, manufacturing and marketing.

He led the Crossman Corporation as CEO and with a healthy track record. That company was a forerunner in Cincinnati, Ohio and specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying products within the shooting recreation. It’s believe that Phil’s skills will “transfer over.”

Dick Devos feels that Phil will bring the right experience, continue the growth and expansion of The Stow Company in whole.

Mr. Devos got his entrepreneurial start in the Amway company. It’s a multi-level marketing organization that his father co-founded. Within the ’80s, Dick became CEO of the Amway Corporation and with great success.

Since, he has been recognized across the world as a billionaire philanthropist right alongside his wife Besty Devos. Neither show signs of slowing down or losing the entrepreneurial race.

Help the Navy Seal Foundation with Andy Wirth



For Andy Wirth, skydiving was, and still is, his passion, but in October 2013 everything changed. In a chilling accident, he was forced to land into a vineyard, a place full of wires, sharp upright posts and vines. In the accident he almost lost his right arm, and major blood loss almost took his life. But Andy never gave up and with the help of the best surgeons and excellent physical therapists he is well on his road to recovery. Along the way he met a group of Navy Seals that were training at Squaw Valley. As he states: “Quite a few of them have become good friends and their spirit, counsel and narrative has truly been an important part of my recovery”. The people surrounding you through your time of struggle can be just as important as doctors for your overall wellbeing.

This is why Andy has decided to give something back to these amazing people. Through the Navy Seal Foundation he will be able to help not just the ones who are Seals themselves, but also their families. Members of the Navy Seals are strong and courageous men who leave their families for more than 270 days each year. Just imagine how hard it must be for them, being so far away from their loved ones for such long time periods, in the most unforgiving environments of the world, and training at an unrelenting pace in order to maintain their ability to execute our nation’s toughest military missions. If they can do all this for us, we can certainly give something back.

How can you help? You can donate to the cause, as many other already have. The Navy Seal Foundation is tax exempt, national, non-profit benevolent organization, so you know that all of your money is going straight to them. Be a part of this amazing effort for those who are risking it all for us. Andy would like nothing more than to give back to those who selflessly helped him when he needed it the most.