Special Tips from Max Salk


The United States stretches across an entire continent. There are distinct culture hot spots in all regions. In the west, an individual can find the technology hub named Silicon Valley. While on the east coast, New York has morphed into one of the biggest culture hubs of the world. This is the kind of environment that breeds innovation. Max Salk lives life at his own pace. He can still be seen using the classic iPod despite the newest technology available. The website Positive the Facts recently sat down with Max Salk to discuss his unusual career outlook.

It all begins by embracing some fundamentals with his outlook on life. The first step is simply planting your feet on the ground. An individual can not progress forward first holding their ground. In order to maintain this status, he remains prepared at all times. However, Max Salk has a different definition of preparation than most. He doesn’t mean preparing for what is coming, but rather for what can not be expected. This lesson proved to be pivotal for his long term growth. During a morning outing one morning in the Netherlands, he couldn’t help but notice the beauty of fog mixed with the local nature. Max Salk brought his camera along just in case anything caught his eye, which paid off as some of his most well known work came from that trip.

Max Salk understands the need to capturing the moment. This means multiple things for him. First, it refers to his photography skills. The ability to capture a specific image under specific conditions could propel his reputation even further. At the same time, it means knowing how to make full use of each day. Trends and tastes are constantly evolving, meaning a business leader must be on top of such things. Lagging behind could be the end of your career.

Success in the modern work should be something you seek to obtain. The average person can not stumble into being in the right place at the time, but rather they can do little things to increase the odds of success.


Bhanu Choudhrie Investment Guru And Founder Of C&C Alpha Group


Bhanu Choudhrie centered his career around investment, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship. The C&C Alpha Group founder is an Indian-born businessman who invests in different industries including but not limited to healthcare, real estate, banking, aviation, hospitality, and utilities. Bhanu Choudhrie enjoys to educate himself and stay informed about potential investment opportunities; a tactic he advises other entrepreneurs to pick up.

Bhanu received his education in International Business and Marketing at the University of Boston. After graduating from Boston, he secured a slot at the Owner Management Program at Harvard Business School. He kickstarted his career with an internship at JPMorgan Chase & Co before relocating to London to live with his family. In 2001, Bhanu Choudhrie founded the C&C Alpha Group. His family has a history of investing in real estate, importation, and bank management back in India, which gave Bhanu Choudhrie an idea of the business he wanted to start.

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Under his leadership, the C&C Alpha Group has excelled and developed an extensive portfolio of investments, particularly in emerging markets such as India and the Philippines. The firm serves as a holding company for several venture capitalists and is based in London, with several offices in India. Aside from having worldwide investments in varying industry, the Alpha Aviation Group provides innovative solutions for the aviation industry while the Alpha Utilities is a proud distributor of water to the Hamriyah Free Zone in the UAE.

Bhanu Choudhrie is an active member of several executive boards. He is a member of the Board of Directors and sits on the Executive and Risk Committees for Customers Bancorp. He also served as a member of the Board of Directors at Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation before Ameris acquired it. He has worked in several committees in his firm including audit and governance, executive, capital, and nominating committees.

Mr. Choudhrie’s efforts have earned him several accolades, including being the Entrepreneur of the Year in 2008 by the United Kingdom’s Asian Voice Political and Public Life Awards. He is also a generous donor and a director at Path to Success, a charity organization founded by his mother Anita, in 2005 in London. The charity supports the education of disabled persons with inadequate financial resources.

Stream Energy: A Leading Example in Philanthropic Initiatives


Stream Energy is among the leading national firms in connected life and direct selling services. It offers protective, wireless, energy, and home services to all the clients. The company began its operations in 2005. Since then, the company has grown tremendously in revenue generation that currently reads $8 billion. Stream Energy avails the services in different parts of the world. They include Illinois, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, Maryland, New York, Washington District of Columbia, and Georgia among others. In Texas, Stream Energy was recognized in the “Top 10 Most Trusted Retail Electric Providers” in the state.

Since its inception, the company has continually grown in providing connected life services. These services include wireless plans internationally, digital voice, virtual MD and much more. Their services are structured in such a manner that every customer can remain connected irrespective of where they are. It could be at home, on the road, or at work. In direct selling services, the company has a great business model that employs and empowers the associates to do much more beyond their comfort zones. For example, the Stream associates are intensively building quality life for their families and their future. They as well engage in sharpening their skills in order to attain their full potential while at work and wherever they will be placed.

Apart from empowering their employees and the associates, Stream Energy strongly believes in giving back to the community, and they have strategies for such deals. One of the initiatives for this model is the “Stream Cares.” Stream Cares is a philanthropic foundation by Stream Energy Company. The company is actively involved in providing resources and support to the local charitable firms through this foundation. Some of the local channels of charity that receive Stream Cares support include Hope Supply Co., which focuses on taking care of the needs of the children who are homeless. Stream Energy has recently donated $15,000 through American Red Cross. This money was to give relief to families that were affected by natural calamities in East of Texas. In addition, Stream Company has helped create homes for the homeless in Dallas after Hurricane Harvey. They were gracious enough to fund the recovery and relieve the affected people from the financial burden that struck them.