Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Exceptional Rise To Fame


Today Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a huge name for herself through her appearances on a wide variety of TV shows, news stations, and magazines, but before her inevitable rise to the big times, Walden was a student at The University of Texas in Austin where she worked hard to earn her BA in the area of Biology before pushing herself further than she had previously ever imagined was possible when she decided to dedicate her life to the field of medical intervention and establish herself as one of the highest leading plastic surgeons in all of the world. Taking up a place at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she traded long sleepless nights studying and a world record for coffee consumption in replacement for her MD in Medicine and a position under the Integrated Plastic Surgeon Residency till 2003, Walden’s unquestionable drive and passion separated her from the rest of her peers and wound up as being one of the deciding factors that named her a spot in greatness and heavy fortunes. Moving on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in the year of 2003 where she completed her one year Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, Dr. Jennifer Walden soon became the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at the acclaimed hospital where she remained for three years and nine months before deciding it was time to take her career in her own hands and dare to push the limits. By the December of 2012, not long after leaving the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Walden had succeeded in her dreams, becoming the acclaimed Owner, Medical Director, and world renowned professional Plastic Surgeon over her own widely acclaimed business known as the Jennifer L. Walden, Md, PLLC, & Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center.


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Dr. Jennifer Walden: The Austin-based Plastic Surgeon


According to Dr. Jennifer Walden, you need an internal drive and personality to sustain your career, drive, education, and your family’s well-being for all your life. According to the recent study, Dr. Walden was named among the 24 best plastic surgeons in the United States. This is according to the last month issues Harper’s Bazar magazine. Dr. Jennifer Walden has trained with a world-class team of professionals in this field while her mentor was the well-known New York City Surgeon. Her contribution to the field of Plastic Surgery cannot be denied. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the only women to appear in the American Plastic Surgery Society of aesthetics. This is the board where she serves as a doctor. According to research, Dr. Jennifer Walden is an award-winning plastic surgeon and author of numerous books and articles. She has appeared in various television and media proceedings to point out the need to stay beautiful as a choice and not by chance.


Dr. Jennifer Walden is a beautiful individual. For this reason, most of her customers want to be as beautiful as her. Moreover, she appears to be a well-composed individual she has never been a rush in her dealings, for this reason, Dr. Jennifer Walden maintains integrity in her medical solutions. For you to become successful, you must emulate special characters that can build your character. The best example in life is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Whenever she has a list of patients seeking to talk t her, she never hurries. However, she maintains an excellent composition to work together with the nursing body. She has the desire to elevate her patient’s thinking. She is the most adamant individual in the world of surgery.


Dr. Jennifer Walden comes from a medical family. While her mother is a nurse, her late father was a dentist. She comes from a family that values achievement. This is the best thing that happened in her life. Her dad showed her the need to achieve. For this reason, she led her siblings towards success in their particular fields. She has always worked hard to lead the life her parents wanted.