Dr. Jennifer Walden Receives Outstanding Reviews for Her Lifelong Commitment to Her Work


Dr. Jennifer Walden’s dedication to her chosen field can be seen as early as her college years. Her commitment to her studies earned her the privilege of being chosen as salutatorian of her graduating class from the medical extension of the University of Texas. Prior to that, she had graduated from the University of Texas with honors after obtaining her Bachelor’s degree in biology. The dedication she exhibited to her studies also earned her an educational scholarship from the Vaughn Foundation for the years of 1995, 96 and 97. After that she went on to receive more scholarships and awards for her continuing educational efforts.

After graduating with high honors from the University of Texas’s medical branch, Dr. Jennifer Walden was offered a fellowship at the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital in New York. Although this meant leaving her hometown of Austin, she chose to accept the position, which propelled her on her way toward a career in plastic surgery. She also decided to specialize in the field of cosmetic surgery, which led her to contribute articles on topics of relevance within her field to numerous publications, some of which led to live conference presentations.

Although Dr. Walden has been a leading figurehead in the field of cosmetic surgery, she still retains a down to earth manner with her patients. Currently operating her own clinic back in her hometown of Austin, Texas, she assists patients with procedures that range from breast augmentations to Botox injections. She operates her clinic with a focus on providing high quality patient service, which includes making sure patients receive the information needed to make better choices about the procedures they want performed. The clinic also offers a relaxed atmosphere to help put patients at ease. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients have often described her as being friendly, knowledgeable, compassionate and generally amazing.


Dr. Jennifer Walden Helps Women Look Beautiful through Cosmetic Surgery


Jennifer Walden is from Austin, and the second in her class at Galveston’s University of Texas Medical Branch. After she finished her fellowship in aesthetic surgery at Manhattan’s Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, she successfully built her practice in New York. After that she returned back home in 2011.

According to Dr. Walden, for eight years she has been working as a plastic surgeon. Her concentration and expertise are on nose jobs (rhinoplasties), eyelid lifts, face-lifts, breast augmentations, and cosmetic surgery. The expenses for a nose job are usually between $8,000 to $9,000, face lifts costs about $10,000, and augmentation are normally around $7,000. She also does liposuction on the arms, inner thighs, and on the abdomen along with negligible invasive operations like soft-tissue fillers and Botox injecting.

Dr. Jennifer Walden says that she is unusual because there are more men than women who choose a career in plastic surgery, as proven by the country’s board-certified plastic surgeons where 851 are female out of 8,100. And these certified professionals American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery members – a prominent and reputable board-certified cosmetic surgeons’ organization, and only 12 reside in Texas.

Moreover, she said that a plastic surgeon who is a woman has some benefits since most plastic surgery patients are women. She explains that women who go for plastic surgery do not have the intention of duplicating a Barbie doll. The go for plastic surgery due to the fact that they are self-conscious about a saggy body part or another normal body feature. She claims that her clients tell her they are more comfortable talking to a female plastic surgeon about particular parts of their bodies because she will not criticize them unnecessarily.

Dr. Walden says that she is happy when she knows that she was, and is able to help other people, especially her own gender.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Exceptional Rise To Fame


Today Dr. Jennifer Walden has made a huge name for herself through her appearances on a wide variety of TV shows, news stations, and magazines, but before her inevitable rise to the big times, Walden was a student at The University of Texas in Austin where she worked hard to earn her BA in the area of Biology before pushing herself further than she had previously ever imagined was possible when she decided to dedicate her life to the field of medical intervention and establish herself as one of the highest leading plastic surgeons in all of the world. Taking up a place at The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston where she traded long sleepless nights studying and a world record for coffee consumption in replacement for her MD in Medicine and a position under the Integrated Plastic Surgeon Residency till 2003, Walden’s unquestionable drive and passion separated her from the rest of her peers and wound up as being one of the deciding factors that named her a spot in greatness and heavy fortunes. Moving on to the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital in the year of 2003 where she completed her one year Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, Dr. Jennifer Walden soon became the Aesthetic Surgery Program Director at the acclaimed hospital where she remained for three years and nine months before deciding it was time to take her career in her own hands and dare to push the limits. By the December of 2012, not long after leaving the Manhattan Eye, Ear, and Throat Hospital, Dr. Jennifer Walden had succeeded in her dreams, becoming the acclaimed Owner, Medical Director, and world renowned professional Plastic Surgeon over her own widely acclaimed business known as the Jennifer L. Walden, Md, PLLC, & Walden Cosmetic Surgery And Laser Center.


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