James Reese: Life with TigerSwan after Delta Force

James Reese Tigerswan

There are many success stories about disabled veterans, and one can undoubtedly say that James Reese is among them. James Reese served in the United States military for 25 years, and during that time, he worked his way up to the Delta Forces. Delta Force is a branch of the Army that performs special operations. These military figures are highly trained, and they all have specific skills developed to protect and serve. James Reese worked hard to become part of this force. He entered several missions with the team, including some in the Middle East.

James Reese left the service with some disabilities, but that did not slow him down. After military life, some veterans have a difficult time finding employment. James Reese took another route and opened his own security company, TigerSwan. TigerSwan offers a high level of protection and security to people. If your people need to get from point A to point B safely in uncertain territory, TigerSwan will get them there. The crews at TigerSwan secure individuals, businesses, and families. Each entity has a different set of needs because of their size and structure, but TigerSwan has adapted to all of these groups and individual situations.

James Reese TigerswanDisabled veterans have supported James Reese in his journey into this nonmilitary line of work, but he states that is not why he got into it. James Reese is thankful for the support from the veterans, and he has hired many of them. In addition to honoring his Army background, James Reese employs people from all branches of the military and police force. He also looks outside the services. James Reese wants TigerSwan to be a well-rounded business that incorporates a variety of skilled individuals. This can only make their business and protection platform stronger.

TigerSwan is a much-needed service in today’s world. James Reese has taken his decades of experience and coupled them with others to created a successful business model. He seems humbled by the support he receives from other retired personnel as he continues to give back to his country, the world, and anyone who is in need of security or protection.

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Betsy DeVos and Group Commitment


No one ever said that Betsy DeVos was boring. Her husband Dick certainly never said that she was. She’s truthfully the opposite of that adjective. She’s one of the most intriguing women in the United States. Some people call her the most intriguing woman of all time. Working with President Donald J. Trump isn’t something that she finds difficult. She’s the kind of lady who thrives in the face of difficulties. She doesn’t think that working with the President is in any way, shape or form hard, though. DeVos loves being the Education Secretary. She thinks that it’s a position that’s fitting for her personality type. She believes that it fits in well with her lifestyle overall, too. Fast-paced lifestyles aren’t lost on her. She doesn’t mind doing a lot of travel. She doesn’t mind taking part in all kinds of speaking engagements. Going to events is no biggie to this lady. She’s a true whirlwind.


Why do people gravitate to DeVos? They gravitate to her because they can tell that she means what she says. She’s never dishonest. She genuinely wants the best for students in America. She genuinely wants the best for all of their family members, too. This lady feels awful any time she notices struggling households. There are many mothers and fathers who don’t have the means to send their youngsters to schools that are appropriate for their specific requirements. DeVos wants to empower many concepts that relate to education. She wants to empower charter schools, educational vouchers and even educational choice. She talks to so many individuals who share her sentiments. Her husband is one of these persons. He wants to do so much to enhance education in America and elsewhere.


Why is DeVos so tireless? It can be tricky to answer that question. She’s never been someone who has liked sitting around doing nothing. That concept seems totally foreign to her. She’s perpetually on the move. Being on the go is something that practically feels like breathing to her. She doesn’t like feeling like she’s not accomplishing anything. People who have been around her even for a second know that all too well.


Charity is a big subject for DeVos. Philanthropy is, too. She combines these topics with the assistance of a non-profit that’s called the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. DeVos created this significant group in 1989. Her husband was a major part of the creation process. They put so much thought into all of the organization’s activities. Its activities revolve around so many subjects that are relevant nowadays. This is a group that wants to make things better for people in America. It’s a group that doesn’t tolerate the status quo.


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