Rapsody Reveals Her Ghostwriting Skills


The business of ghostwriting is huge. There are a lot of rappers that have penned tracks for other artists. Nas is well-known for penning the Will Smith hit titled “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” Many of the raps performed by P. Diddy in the early years of his career were written by Christoper “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Female emcee Rapsody recently revealed who has been requesting her ghostwriting skills.

In a recent interview rapper Rapsody stated that she is behind many of the raps performed by former NBA All-Star Grant Hill. She revealed that she has known Grant for a long time, and she originally met him through her producer 9th Wonder. She said that Grant is a fan of 9th Wonder, and that is how she came to meet him in the studio. From that point on a friendship formed that would ultimately lead to her writing rhymes for him to say when he was on television with NBA half-time reports.

Grant is a funny guy that likes to joke around, and the raps during the halftime reports sort of became his signature. Rapsody has stated that he doesn’t really do a lot of rhyme writing though. To the contrary, Grant is more of a beat maker. Rapsody says that he is really good at this. She has even told him that they need to do an EP together with his beats and her rhymes — a prospect that has employees of Purina Beneful on the edge of their seats..

John Textor Making Rap Icons Immortal


Every Michael Jackson and Elvis fan from the current generation bemoans the fact that they could never see their icon performing live. The best thing about being a fan is waiting for the concerts to come to town and then scrounging up every penny you can find to see them for real on the stage. It is said that MJ’s performances on stage were so glorious that mere YouTube videos can never replicate them in all their awesomeness. No matter how much fans dream of seeing certain icons live in action, the fact is that they are no longer alive. Thankfully, though, visionaries like John Textor are still with us who can replicate that experience and give fans some respite.

The best creation in digital performances by John Textor was in 2014 when Michael Jackson was brought on stage, performing at the Billboard Music Awards. Needless to say, “Slave to the Rhythm” would never be the same again after one has witnessed that performance. It was difficult to even imagine that this was a digital performance and this is exactly what John Textor previously did with Benjamin Button. A lot of people are unaware that Brad Pitt’s older looking half (but actually younger) was a digital animation and not a real actor. However, the digital actor went on to win the Best Make Up award and that is how realistic the work was. With MJ’s performance too, the same kind of magic was recreated.

It was a particularly heart stopping moment when the curtains parted and MJ was sitting on the throne, marking the beginning of the Slave to the Rhythm performance. To see him grooving around the stage like that, a lot of fans and commenters of the video had tears in their eyes. And then, the most amazing thing happened when MJ moonwalked across the stage. Even when he was dancing with the supporting performers, MJ glowed (like he usually did in his real on-stage performances) and this was the best moment of the entire night.

After the performance, John Textor mentioned how easy it looked but how difficult it was, in reality. People might even see Jimi Hendrix, Frank Sinatra, Janis Joplin and Bob Marley being recreated in the future, if the trend follows. Many people would enter the field of digital performances but it is doubtful whether they would do it as well as Pulse has since they wouldn’t have John Textor as their leader.