Graham Edwards, Telereal and Fine Choices


Graham Edwards works for Telereal Trillium Ltd as part of its management division. He’s the company’s Chief Executive Officer and has functioned as so since its earliest days (Globalgracemissions). Telereal Trillium was created back in 2001. Telereal Trillium is based in the heart of London, England in the United Kingdom. It’s a firm that handles all kinds of investment and commercial property management responsibilities.

Graham Edwards had another job before his time with Telereal Trillium. He was Talisman Global Asset Management’s Chief Investment Officer. He worked for other businesses even before that. They included BT Group Plc and Merrill Lynch. He was a finance leader for the former and an investment management fund supervisor for the latter. Graham Edwards was in the property sector of BT Group Plc.

This executive learned at Cambridge University. He chose economics to be his number one topic there. He’s part of ACA or the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He’s part of ASIP or the United Kingdom Society of Investment Professionals, the AMCT or the Association of Corporate Treasurers and FRICS or the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. He’s a FRICS fellow. Another school that Edwards went to is called King’s College in London.

Education was practically a way of life for Graham Edwards when he was a lot younger. The University of Cambridge was a life-changing experience for him. His Master of Arts degree helped him get ready for a career that was all about doing big things. He went to the University of Cambridge between the years of 1984 and 1987. He did a lot of learning at King’s College later on.

Telereal Trillium is the work of two big companies merging. Trillium and Telereal did so back in 2009. They had a lot in common then. There were both a couple of outsourcing players. Graham Edwards is the person who made the decision to get in contact with Trillium. He got in contact with Trillium’s chief executive, a man by the name of Ian Ellis. Edwards indicates that he phoned Ellis right after getting wind of Trillium making its way into the scene.