Beyonce Pulls Off Fruity Look


Beyonce Knowles is one of the sexiest women alive, and she also has one of the most beautiful voices of all time. Beyonce has been with rap superstar Jay-Z for close to a decade, and the couple recently had a child together. However, Beyonce Knowles quickly shed the baby weight, and she is still every man’s fantasy.

Sam Tabar even says that fashion designers and celebrity critics have always judged the outfits of the stars. Normally, a woman wouldn’t dare to wear orange and red together. However, Beyonce Knowles is no ordinary woman, and somehow, she pulled off a strange pairing of colors.

Beyonce Knowles recently wore an orange shirt, pink shorts, and red heels. She looked like a pack of starburst, but everybody loves starburst right? Beyonce’s outfit has made headlines, and people couldn’t believe how wonderful she looked. Many people are beginning to wonder if they can pull off the risky color combination. However, Beyonce isn’t the only one that has worn these fruity colors. In fact, several other celebrities have tried but failed.

Most notably, Kelly Osbourne, Sandra Bullock, and Jennifer Hudson have worn the colorful clothing combination. However, no one looked as good as Beyonce Knowles. There’s only one Beyonce, and it appears that she looks good in everything that she wears. For more information on this story, and to see Beyonce’s hot pics, visit Dailymail.