CEO Gregory Aziz Is “On Track” At National Steel Car


Gregory James Aziz is the Chairman of the National Steel Car company. Additionally, he serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization. The primary business of the company is the engineering for, and production of steel railroad freight cars. The company has been in business for many decades. It operates out of Canada and is one of the leading suppliers of the freight cars. Greg took over the ownership and the leadership of the company in 1994.


Gregory J. Aziz was born in London, Ontario in 1949. He was raised in Ontario. Greg attended first Ridley College, then he went on to the University of Western Ontario, where he studied economics. Accumulated a great deal of practical business experience prior to purchasing the company. During the 1980s, James Aziz moved to New York and worked in investment banking. Prior to that, he went to work in 1971 at Affiliated Foods, a family owned company. The business grew immensely, and it became a leading food wholesaler. When Greg James Aziz purchased National Steel Car in 1994, his hopes were to grow and expand the business. He ended up reaching that goal within the first 5 years.


The company has built a reputation on its engineering and expertise in creating high quality railroad freight cars. It utilizes the newest technology in engineering techniques and manufacturing. National Steel Car consistently works to provide the highest standard of products to its customers in the railroad industry. The company experienced a rapid growth in the 1990s. In 1999, just five years after James Aziz took over the ownership, production had risen by enormous proportions. The previous production of 3,500 cars was increased to approximately 12,000 cars. More staff was acquired to keep up with these new demands. The employee count at the company rose from 600 to 3,000 in that time period.


It also provides variety of aftermarket products and services. The company has a full range of parts and components. It will provide brake piping, hand holds, and fulcrum brackets. Other aftermarket products include body bolsters and truck and wheel sets. The company prides itself on good service. Service representatives are available to assist the new and existing customers in a knowledgeable, professional manner. The company considers its teen members as its cornerstone for success. Visit This Page for additional information.


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Gregory Aziz Supports The Growth Of National Steel Car


In leadership, there are barely stand-along attributes to define the perfection or input of an individual. With that said, the leader of any organization is in charge of overseeing different roles that total up to the success of the company. Especially in business, a leader is expected to guide the team towards more profit generation. That is why Greg Aziz is admired for his consistent input in every organization he has worked for.


Background Information


Greg Aziz is the serving president of National Steel Car. However successful he is at the moment, it is evident that it took him some time and careful analysis to land this opportunity. For starters, he grew up in a busy town called Ontario, London. While growing up, he aspired to be an admirable figure. However, he did not know which one exactly him and his family would please. Perhaps out of wanting to make it, he decided to join the prestigious Ridley School. Later in the years of studying, he attended the London Ontario University for Economics. It was after graduating from this school that he faced the world of careers alongside some of the challenges it comes with.




While at it, he chose to work with his family at Affiliated Foods. The company was a young family business that sold fresh foods and produces to various clients including ones in Europe, Canada and the United States of America. In his capacity as the manager, Greg Aziz implemented policies that supported global expansion. In fact, much of the company’s success was attributed to his input in growing the business through universal expansion.




Gregory‘s contribution to Affiliated Foods was not enough to persuade him to stay around. Just like in the past, he always aspired to explore different projects that often seemed beyond his reach. This time, he wanted to work on investment and banking. Therefore, he left Affiliated Foods and joined the industry of different investments. While looking for ideas to put money in, Greg J Aziz met the owners of National Steel Car. Surprisingly, they were looking to sell the company. That is how Gregory J Aziz assumed one of the senior leadership positions. Of course, he bought the majority of the shares. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The Outline


At National Steel Car, clients come first. This firm maintains its position as the leader of car manufacturing and railroad freight cars. With the leadership of Mr. Aziz, the firm continues to please its clients in many ways including availing products to the clients on time.


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