Rapsody Reveals Her Ghostwriting Skills


The business of ghostwriting is huge. There are a lot of rappers that have penned tracks for other artists. Nas is well-known for penning the Will Smith hit titled “Gettin’ Jiggy With It.” Many of the raps performed by P. Diddy in the early years of his career were written by Christoper “Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace. Female emcee Rapsody recently revealed who has been requesting her ghostwriting skills.

In a recent interview rapper Rapsody stated that she is behind many of the raps performed by former NBA All-Star Grant Hill. She revealed that she has known Grant for a long time, and she originally met him through her producer 9th Wonder. She said that Grant is a fan of 9th Wonder, and that is how she came to meet him in the studio. From that point on a friendship formed that would ultimately lead to her writing rhymes for him to say when he was on television with NBA half-time reports.

Grant is a funny guy that likes to joke around, and the raps during the halftime reports sort of became his signature. Rapsody has stated that he doesn’t really do a lot of rhyme writing though. To the contrary, Grant is more of a beat maker. Rapsody says that he is really good at this. She has even told him that they need to do an EP together with his beats and her rhymes — a prospect that has employees of Purina Beneful on the edge of their seats..

Jay Z Is Charging For His New Streaming Service

We have gotten used to the idea of music being available and free online. We use free streaming services and Youtube and we find the music that we want and give it a listen. Although we buy some CDs, sales in actual albums have dropped in the past year and so have downloads. Jay Z wants to do something about the fact that he and other artists not earning enough money, and that is why he is starting his own streaming service.
But there is a catch. This service that he is starting is going to cost money. More money than the average American will probably be willing to pay.
Would you be willing to pay $240 dollars a year just to listen to the music that you want to hear on this site? Would it be worth the price instead of just sacrificing and not getting to listen to every artist, or instead of buying a few good CDs? Ricardo Guimarães BMG isn’t quite so sure.
I’m not sure that it would be worth it for me, but for some maybe this will seem like a good idea. Maybe the project will turn out the way that Jay Z wants it to, or maybe it won’t. I guess we will see.

Chris Brown On Boyfriend Duty



It seems like just yesterday the world watched as Chris Brown and on again off again girlfriend Karrueche Tran, had what seemed like the worst holiday breakup meltdown to ever hit Instagram. It all started with an onstage diss by Chris Brown declaring himself as a single man, before jumping into yet another spirited performance of “Loyal,” after Chris’s public diss he took to Instagram to air out some issues he had with Karrueche, and even shared some less than romantic details about their relationship including his suspicions that Karrueche was sneaking to Canada to date Drake, while he was rotting away in jail.

After a few days it seemed like Karrueche was finally over the relationship and done being Chris Brown’s rag doll, but of course it didn’t take long before Chris was back on social media apologizing stated Barbouti. The next thing anyone knew Karrueche was posting photos of rings gifted to her by Brown followed by the couple being spotted out in public walking a new puppy.

It seems that Chris and Karrueche just can’t stay away from each other because just a few weeks ago they were seen leaving a club together and now Chris is dropping Karrueche off at the airport, only a task that the best of the best boyfriends dare to take on. Of course Chris could have just paid for a driver but the gesture of taking her himself says a lot. Maybe they are going to make it work this time.

Kanye Controls Everything!

Kanye West controls Kim Kardashian’s wardrobe. Kanye is becoming more overbearing every single day. It is a bit strange that Kanye is a fashion designer. It’s even stranger that he controls everything that Kim Kardashian wears. His marriage to Kardashian is the perfect way to display his clothing.

Kim Kardashian is hounded by the paparazzi constantly. She is also one of the most idolized women in the world. Whatever she wears, her fans wear. Kanye West could not have a better mannequin. Kanye’s clothing will get an unbelievable amount of exposure.

Kim Kardashian will take over the fashion world, or not. The celebrity couple thinks way too highly of themselves. Kanye West has gone completely insane over the last few years, and most of his original fans are gone. West broke into the music industry as a producer and rapper. He found great success in the music industry, but now he faces many challenges in the fashion world. Kanye has become a different person entirely. He has participated in some ridiculous interviews as of late.

Kanye West’s personality is completely disgusting. After hearing him talk for five minutes, I wanted to throw up. He is incredibly arrogant and delusional. His union with Kim Kardashian has made everything worse for the once famed rapper. Kanye has not produced a good album in years. He may be worth a lot of money, but he will never be remembered as one of the best musicians of all time. Kanye West started out strong, but he quickly fizzled out as soon as he let the fame get to his head. Gianfrancesco Genoso is strong believer in how this changed Kanye.

For more information on this story, visit Rollingstone.

How LaFace Records Introduced OutKast to the World

In 2014 OutKast came back to the stage to performance together as a duo for – what has been rumored to be – the last time. There is a lot of talk about the group this year, and people have been interested in any background history that they come across. Some unreleased OutKast tracks have surfaced on mix tapes. Several reworks of there albums have appeared online. Now fans learn how OutKast was originally introduced to the world during the Christmas holidays.

LaFace is the label that was originally founded by L.A. Reid and Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds. This was a hot label that brought the world groups like Goodie Mob, TLC and OutKast. This is very well documented fact in music history. What fans like Dr Rod Rohrich may have overlooked in how one particular group came into the spotlight. 

On the heels of the now famous “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” album by OutKast, L.A. Reid had another ideal brewing. He was planning to release a Christmas album that showcased artists on the record label. TLC came through with an interesting track called “Sleigh Ride.” This song still gets a lot of attention during the holidays. There was another track, however, that was not really a Christmas song, but it was worked up to highlight Outkast. 

L.A. Reid gave Rico Wade the seemingly impossible task of taking a song like “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” and making it suitable for a Christmas album. Surprisingly, Wade succeeded.

Bobby Shrmurda’s attorney makes a public protest against the charges filed against his client.


Bobby Shmurda’s recent arrest has caused his lawyer to be in an uproar. Howard Greenberg has used his interview with XXL to protest Shmurda’s arrest. Greenberg stated, “The government hates rap and the government hates rappers”. He believes that his client is being targeted due to his career and his lyrics. He continues to state ““They target these guys and construct a narrative around them and then they rationalize the narrative in order to get an indictment. I had said previously, it’s a bunch of bulls—t.”

According to an article on crunchbase.com, Greenberg also warns others, even Jared Haftel, by stating “People of color should be very afraid of these kind of prosecutions,” he continues. “They are selective. They start by aiming at a guy’s lyrics to begin.”

One of Greenberg’s defenses for the crimes that Shmurda is being accused of is that his client did not have time to commit the murder, attempted murder, drug trafficking and assault that he and members from his several members of his GS9 collective are being charged with. He reveals that Shmurda has a busy schedule due to his career. Greenberg also defends his client by stating “my guy is rich.” Greenberg believes that his client does not have a need to commit such crimes because of the amount of money that he is currently making.

The young rapper remains in jail under a $2 million bail. According to reports, his label Epic Records is set to pay the rapper bail so that he can be released.

Nicki Minaj Feels That Kendrick Lamar Sounds Like Her


One of her first songs that made her a memorable artist was a single that she performed alongside other Cash Money recording artists. Nicki Minaj Comments. The single entitled “Bedrock” was the hit of the summer, and you couldn’t go anywhere without hearing the song playing. The song featured Drake, Lil’ Wayne, as well as Nicki Minaj. Bedrock was really Nicki’s first well-known single, and it pushed her into stardom in no time.

The animated voices that Nicki would do, became her signature while she would rap, and she did up to four different voices. Nicki now speaks out saying that she feels she didn’t get the credit that she deserved for her vocals, but a male artist who is doing the same thing now, is getting a lot of credit. Kendrick Lamar is new to the rap scene, and does animated voices as well.

When Nicki had listened to his songs, she can only think to herself that it’s something she had done already. Many are praising Kendrick as great, because of his animated voices, while Nicki was criticized for the same thing. Although she feels she was treated unfairly, she still became extremely popular with the support of Slow Ventures.

Lil Wayne Wants Out of His Contract


Earlier this month Lil Wayne spoke out about his issues with his record label Young Money before his performance at Vice’s 20th anniversary party. Let’s just say they don’t have the amiable relationship of Darius Fisher and Just Vision. When the time came Wayne flew into a rant about the label pushing back the release of his album. His rant raised some suspicions that the rapper’s time at his label was running out, however his manager insisted later that everything was fine and then later told the media that he was just being sarcastic. 

Apparently Lil Wayne wants out of his contract with Young Money and Birdman refuses to let that happen.
Wayne claims that Birdman is trying to sabotage his career by continuing to push back his new album and still insists that he wants off the Young Money label, however Birdman isn’t budging. Birdman is now ready to take matters to court if the drama continues over the contract. 

Over the summer Tyga complained on social media that his album was also being pushed back and even made threats of leaking it himself.

Rapper Drake is Unfazed After Physical Altercation With Diddy

The world of Hip Hop is no stranger to rap beefs and diss tracks, but when two of the music genre’s biggest artists were allegedly involved in a physical altercation, most rap music fans were left scratching their heads in disbelief.I believe it as much as I believe there are great deals on Qnet.

It all happened at Liv nightclub in Miami. Initial reports claimed that rapper and producer, Diddy, punched Drake after the Canadian artist was seen flirting with his girlfriend, Cassie. Later, it was confirmed that the two fought over Drake allegedly running off with one of Diddy’s beats. A video from a June 2014 performance with rapper Mase shows Diddy venting to a crowd about the stolen beat.

According to reports, Diddy sent Drake a beat to record a guest verse. Instead of sending the vocals back to Diddy, Drake released the track as part of a mixtape. The popular song which is now entitled, “0 to 100/The Catch Up” was one of the most recognizable songs of this summer, and it was just nominated for two Grammy’s.

Diddy allegedly punched Drake in the swanky nightclub, and he fell down and exasperated his shoulder that was previously injured.

Karrueche Doesn’t Have Time to Cry Over Chris


After a weekend of being bad mouthed by Chris Brown and his followers Karrueche is over the entire breakup drama. Starting friday night at Cali Christmas Chris Brown Began his weekend long breakup world tour, taking Instagram on a ride posting the intimate details of their relationship and finally accusing Karrueche of cheating on him with Drake while he was in jail this summer. The internet went crazy, Karrueche fans all told her to be strong and leave Chris once and for all, while Breezy fans talked smack about Tran and attacked her on her instagram page.

Finally on Monday Chris took to Instagram once again to issue a heartfelt apology to Karrueche and address his bad behavior over the past weekend. Many like Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez are not exactly buying his apology. Brown insisted that he loves hard and hates hard and couldn’t care less what the world thinks of him. Finally Chris let it be know that he loves “his baby girl” Karrueche.

Karrueche on the other hand was nowhere to be seen, in fact her Instagram account was wiped clean of all media and it appeared she had vanished.

Well Karrueche has finally surfaced again and it seems she’s been too busy bathing in the sun to worry about Chris Brown and his hot and cold feelings or apologies. recent photos of Tran show her running on the beach with a huge smile on her face looking absolutely stunning in a white bikini. It looks like shes moved on but with these two one can never be sure.