Hussain Sajwani The Founder Global Logistics And Damac Owner.


Some of the attributes that differentiate entrepreneurs from other businesses personalities are their ability to identify a unique approach towards the development of solutions to the current world problems, their passion to make that dream come true and most importantly, their ability to take risks in the pursuit of their ideas, visions, and dreams. It takes a very strong person to venture into the business world with their startups and visions that only them can see how far they can go. Most often than not, entrepreneurs risk all their savings, credit and reputations to achieve their goals which are sometimes not achieved and in cases like that of Hussain Swajani, they experience success and become recognized businesses. Hussain Swajani is a renowned businessman and a risk-taking entrepreneur who is known for two of his business ventures, the DAMAC group, and global logistics. Global logistics was his first business venture in the United Arab Emirates. It started as a small catering business located in Dubai, before gaining clients like the United States Army among others. The revenue acquired in this business was later used to start a real estate venture that is now known as DAMAC properties.

Detailed Background Of The Risk Taker’s Businesses.

It was after working with the Abu Dhabi gas company, GASCO, that Mr. Swajani ventured into the entrepreneurial world in pursuit of a catering business idea. Through relentless hard work, day by day investment, and business ingenuity, the young Swajani was able to lead his business to unexpected growth. It didn’t take long before big institutions like Bechtel, a United States construction company, and the United States Army became clients. From a small idea and a huge risk on the part of Mr. Swajani, the venture is now an international food company catering for parts of Asia, the Far East, and North Africa among other areas of the world. When the real estate market opened up in Dubai, Swajani decided to try his luck risking the finances from the previous business. The Damac owner is now experiencing yet another successful business career in the real estate industry.