Ciara Posts Videos Of Her Baby Walking


Ciara had a baby a while back, and her child is now able to walk. Ciara has been putting the progress of her son Future, on social media, ever since he was born, and this is a memorable milestone. Ciara’s Son Is Walking. Another memorable milestone was when Ciara videotaped her son swimming in the pool, and yes, he was actually swimming. Ciara put him in the pool, and he instinctively was able to swim.

The theory is that babies are in water for nine whole month, so they have no problem swimming when they are first born, although many parents wouldn’t dare leave their child in the water alone. Now Ciara’s son can walk, and the video was posted on Instagram, and she captioned the video stating that she was able to not walk with her little one. Sadly, Ciara is now a single mother because she found out her fiance had cheated on her.

Others knew about what her fiance was doing, but no one made her privy to it until she was almost ready to get married, how handy of them. Fortunately, Ciara has moved on, and she is supposedly dating another man right now, but many are skeptical if the relationship is for real.

Ciara claims she has a new album coming out, but she also does modeling as well. Ciara seems to be doing better in the modeling area of her life than the musical area of her life.