Rick’s Involvement in the Technology Sector and Beyond


Securus Technologies is a technology firm that deals with civil and criminal justice. It focuses on offering prison technology in preventing crimes committed by inmates. It was founded in 1986 in Carrolton, Texas. Its headquarters is in Dallas Texas. Securus Technologies provides public safety for civil offenders and criminals facing justice. Their technologies are sought by the various stakeholders in criminal justice including public safety organizations in order to investigate cases. It prevents crimes in correctional facilities by monitoring contraband cell phones into correctional facilities. They have had an excellent reception from their market and stakeholders.

Rick’s Resume

Richard “Rick” Smith has been the chief executive officer of the company since July 2008. Rick is known for his focus, experience, and work drive. Secures Technologies Inc. is undisputed in the business of criminal correction industry. Rick has worked in the finance sector, operations, and information technology. He showed grit in all these. He is a great leader. Secures Technologies has improved in the provision of criminal correction sector with technology and expertise in communication, surveillance, emergency responses, crime investigation, and self-service to inmates under the leadership of Rick Smith. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo and a Master’s degree in Engineering. He is well learned. Rick worked in various reputable firms from 1972 to around 1998. He held strategic offices during this period. He was the controller and chief information officer at Global Crossing North America Inc. and the president of Frontier Information Technologies.

His take on customer emails

Securus Technologies invested more than USD 600 million in patents, technologies, and acquisitions from 2013 to 2016. Rick’s remarks about Securus Technologies’ inbox traffic from customers is proof that the company is in the good books with the masses and it is on the right track. This is according to reports and research. The emails show that incarceration is working. Incarceration is a safer alternative in restraining inmates from committing further crimes.

Addition of sales executive

Rick Smith has helped Securus Technologies Company to grow and fend off competition. He has used his position to appoint competent individuals. His choice of John Bell as the senior vice president of sales at Securus Technologies fosters a further growth in the creation a technology-based sales team. John Bell was appointed on 7th January 2017.


Rick Smit Securus is a hardworking and innovative individual. His activities as the chief executive officer at Securus Technologies shows that he has great management skills. This is a legacy that will live on for many years to come. It will also serve as an example to upcoming innovators.