Sergio Cortés Does Impressive Micheal JAckson Imitation


Sergio Cortés is known by many for his incredible impersonation of singer Michael Jackson. His skill and ability over the years has made thousands of his fans happy all around the world. He is considered one of the best Michael Jackson impersonators today, and his story has very interesting beginnings.

As a youngster, Sergio used to love watching videos of famous performers. In particular, he loved the incredible abilities of Michael Jackson, the lead singer of the famous group the Jackson 5. Sergio’s love for Michael Jackson became an obsession. For hours upon hours, he would watch his favorite performer knew his act, and had dozens of videos he had of his hero. He would watch the various moves and signature gestures that Jackson used in his act. After a while, Sergio became so engrossed with the performances, that he began to imitate them. At first he did not share his gift, and only allowed a few close family and friends the opportunity to see his impression.

One day, Cortés was out and about walking in his hometown. As he walked, he caught the eye of a local photographer. The photographer was impressed with Sergio’s incredible resemblance to Jackson. He spoke to Sergio for a few minutes, then asked the soon to be celebrity impersonator if he could take a photograph of him for a local paper. After some thought, Sergio agreed, and the next day the picture the photographer took was published in a local newspaper.

Sergio did not realize what he was starting. Interest in Sergio immediately exploded upon the photograph’s publication. Soon, Sergio found himself talking to various talent agents and show promoters. It was at that point he realized that they he had struck gold, and that he could probably do very well in show business. He decided after some deliberation to become a Michael Jackson celebrity impersonator. He began doing performances imitating Jackson, and soon became a local and nationwide celebrity.

Now, many years later, Sergio Cortés continues to do his incredible impression of Michael Jackson. He has gained the love and respect of thousands of adoring fans and well-wishers, and uses his talents to bring joy and happiness to the many people who never got a chance to see the King of Pop perform. Sergio Cortés and his incredible gift has transcended mediocrity and entered into a worldwide level of adoration and celebrity. Still, he remains humble, knowing that the gift that he has been given is not only for his benefit, but for the thousands of people who gain pleasure from his unique talents.

Sergio Cortes, Top Of The Line Michael Jackson Impersonator


There are many impersonators of late famous musical artists or film actors and actresses, such as Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and John F. Kennedy. Michael Jackson is another famous person that is commonly impersonated, and is known as one of the most difficult personas to imitate and emulate.

Mr. Sergio Cortes is a serial Michael Jackson impersonator, and solely impersonates the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. Mr. Cortes was born in Spain back in 1971, where he lives to this day. He works for the entertainment company Destiny Projects, who specializes in artistic development, rather than being a freelancer. There is not much market for freelance Michael Jackson impersonators, as it is not exactly a commodity.

Sergio’s body type and dancing styles are very similar to the legendary Michael Jackson himself. Impersonating someone as unique as Michael Jackson is considerably difficult because he was able to do things that were not easily replicated by others.

Even though Sergio Cortes does not often perform in the United States, he is well known as a Michael Jackson impersonator in his home country of Spain, also throughout other countries in Europe. One of the biggest shows that brought him into the limelight was a performance in Madrid in 2012, that was performed as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

Many Michael Jackson impersonators simply dance or sing, or dress like MJ did, but Sergio Cortes truly does it all. Cortes has made replications of some of Michael Jackson’s music videos, dances almost exactly how MJ did, and emulates his swagger nearly perfectly.

Also, many other impersonators do not have the drive to impersonate as much as Sergio Cortes has to impersonate Michael Jackson. Mr. Sergio Cortes has practically lived all of his adult life as an impersonator of MJ, and has been huge fan of all of his music and other works he has published or helped be a part of. Sergio Cortes continued to impersonate Michael Jackson and carry on his legacy to this day. Some people impersonate famous celebrities just to make some money, or just for fun, but Mr. Cortes does it as if it were his calling — it truly is his calling.

Anyone who is in the same area that Sergio Cortes is performing in should go out of their way to see him impersonate the late legendary King of Pop, Michael Jackson.