This Year’s Popular Men’s Shoes


Shoes are an accessory that every man, woman, and child needs. A shoe can be a simple piece of footwear that is worn on your foot, or it can be an accessory that is worn with style. 2015 has been a trendy year thus far, and this fall is going to be no different. Here are a few stylish men’s shoe selections that are already turning heads.

1. Paul Evans is a company that focuses on creating timeless shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Each shoe selection by Paul Evans is handcrafted in Italy, but the trendy choices for this fall are the Brando Semi-Brogue Oxford and the Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford. Both of these options offer a stylish choice of footwear that can be purchased in the color of cognac, nero, or oxblood. The Brando Semi Brogue Oxford is a bit of a signature item that features a leather lining and detailed stitching on the calfskin leather, which makes it a great addition to any wardrobe. The Cagney Cap-Toe Oxford features double blind stitching on the toe and the vamp to give the shoe a more streamlined look.

2. Aldo is a accessory company that specializes in italian shoes and keeping with the trends that their customers love. Boots are the in thing for fall, but big clunky boots are no longer in style. Aldo offers a durable, functional boot that is more elegant than many traditional styles. Styles that are featured include black suede and cognac leather. The Desert Boots are the perfect footwear for a long day at work as well as a more rugged hike in the woods.

3. John Lobb is a company that specializes in luxury shoes and boots for men. Their trendy shoe this fall is the Levah, which is a lightweight plimsole that features a thin leather sole. The shoe is available in velveteen calf and suede material in five different color options that are inspired by the distinct landscapes of Cornwall, which are dusk, chalk, dark iron, moss, and aubergine.

4. J.Crew’s contribution to this fall’s trendy shoes is the Kenton Suede Bucks, which can be purchased in boulder and sahara color options. This shoe is designed to have a modern look that is still built to be sleek and durable. It is designed with a goodyear welt construction that features the soles being sewn directly to the shoes, instead of being cemented in place. This craftsmanship is a feature that will extend the life of the shoe; making it possible to simply replace the soles when they become worn instead of replacing the entire shoe.

Shoes can make or break a man’s stylish look. While the trends of 2015 are exceptional, every popular trend will not always fit your personal style. Do some investigating and see what styles accentuate your outfits this fall.