The 100,000 mile Journey Doug Levitt took to understand the human condition


Doug Levitt is a 44-year-old American musician, best known for his album, the Greyhound Diaries. He started his journey to stardom in the DC public school system before he proceeded to the London School of Economics where he studied International Relations. It was during his time as an undergraduate student that his father committed suicide. The event was a turning point in his life because it made him want to understand more about the human condition. He worked for some time as a foreign correspondent CNN and other media houses where he mainly reported from war-torn countries.


He at some point decided that he needed to quit work and start on his project whose aim was to understand the human condition. At the beginning of the journey, he just wanted to interact with the side of society that many people do not pay a lot of attention. He headed to the bus stop and boarded a Greyhound Bus. He knew that these are the buses that individuals who have experienced the underbelly of the society board and he wanted to share their experiences.


In the past decade, Doug Levitt has traveled more than 100,000 miles. During these journeys, he has met and interacted with people that were just released from correctional facilities, such as the neo-Nazi who told him all sorts of stories about the prisons system. He has also interacted with people from war-torn places such as Iran and Rwanda. All these are the experiences that inspired him to write the Greyhound Diaries Album.


Doug says that losing a father at a tender age of 16, and to a suicide of all the causes was an event that transformed his outlook on things. He has worked with producers such as David Henry on his album. Besides the music, David has also worked on a lot of photography throughout his project. He captured more than 20,000 images of people in their natural, unpretentious surroundings and showed them at the Kennedy Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center among other places. His experiences and the beautiful art that has come out of them are inspiring.