Boraie Development: Changing the Real Estate in New Jersey


Boraie development is the company behind the Aspire New Brunswick, Newark. Boraie has been in operation for 30 years and brings a lot of experiences in property and real estate development. Given its expertise, the company is preferred for most developments in New Jersey. It gets funding for its projects from large commercial banks as well as its funds. The development enjoys long-term commitment from financial partners, residents, and tenants.

The Aspire New Brunswick comprises of apartments to provide luxury and comfort. It has 238 units, and it is only a few minutes from the New Brunswick train station. Thus residents will not have to worry about going to work. The doorman lobby is also 24/7. The parking facility has been attached to allow residents direct access to the lobby using an elevator. For those who love yoga, the apartments have a fitness center. There is also an indoor and outdoor residents club for play work and rest. There is also a barbeque space at the rooftop for that time when you have visitors.

The Aspire New Brunswick have put everyone into consideration. If you have a bicycle, you can store it in the bike storage. Those who love the nightlife have also not been left behind. The apartments have a vibrant neighborhood nightlife, dining, and shopping. There is also a hospital nearby, the Robert Wood Johnson hospital system. Therefore, you will get everything in one place. What you get is convenient and luxurious living for you and your family.

While growing up in the 1970s, Shaquille O’Neal spent most of his time at the movie theatre and the boys and girls club. His parents did this to keep him from the streets. In a joint venture with Boraie development, the star decided to invest in his hometown. Boraie, which is a prominent developer in Brunswick will see the project to completion. The partnership will help bring housing development to distressed areas in the country. There are also other projects the Boraie development and O’Neal plan to develop in Newark. The partners are also set to develop Atlantic City with a retail complex and movie theatre. O’Neal helps fund the project but has left Boraie development to work on the details of the plan. As a co-developer, he receives an equity stake in the investment. According to O’Neal, the investment is a way for him to give back his town.