Healthy Business With Joseph Bismark


The world of business is a fast pace sector where one must keep up with the pace. If a businessman is not capable of such a task he would be swept aside by the constantly changing times. That is why it comes to no surprise that many entrepreneurs forgo a healthy lifestyle and exercise regime. A few though, hold their healthy living as one of the key reasons to their success. Joseph Bismark is one of these men.
In the Aspire Magazine interview Bismark attests to his lifestyle and shares the benefits of these choices. “I walk my talk!” John Bismark goes to say. He is a proponent of holistic medicine and a practicing vegetarian. A master yoga teacher John Bismarck also works out with kettlebells and is fond of his love of cycling. A shining example of a man who keeps up with cutting edge technology, Joseph Bismarck uses apps like MapMyRide to monitor and record his cycling regime. Joseph Bismark also incorporates the free motion fitness routine, Rip:60. Luminosity, an online website that features many brainteasers and puzzles, is another tool Joseph Bismark’s tool box that he implements to keep his mind sharp. While he works hard to keep his body in top form and utilizes apps and websites, Bismark still believes in the power of meditation.
Currently residing in Singapore, Joseph Bismark is the managing direction of the Qi Group. Joseph Bismark assumed this role in 2008 during the company’s restructuring. Bismark is a director who uses a dynamic and versatile style of management and lives by the saying, “Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” Following his healthy sense of living it was Joseph Bismark who encouraged the Qi Group to venture into organic foods and other healthy endeavors.
Many businessman work hard to earn a dollar, but at the same time they forget to take care of themselves. A few men like Joseph Bismark combine their lifestyles with their career and create something truly wonderful. With more men like Joseph Bismark leading the front in healthy business the world may see new ventures that are all about healthy living.

Source: Street Insider