Peter Harris Has Done Well For The Company


Finance is known as a profitable subject, though many people have a hard time learning about it. Studying finance usually involves studying math and learning about a lot of topics that seem very abstract and are sometimes hard to understand. Because it is such a rigorous topic and there is so much demand for financial professionals, a person who is good at the subject is something to cherish. Peter Harris is one of these financial professionals.

Peter Harris is a Managing Director of a finance company called CBL Corp Ltd. The company does business in the financial subcategory of P&C insurance. The company is relatively small, with an employee body of about 550. The people who work for this company should be proud that they work for such a fine organization that is run by the best of the best. Judging by the success of this company, it is quite evident that the company is run by enthusiastic, intelligent people who live and breath finance—including Peter Harris.

Business is very difficult, and most businesses that are started do not survive. However, CBL Corp Ltd stands out as a company that has survived the test of time. Standing the test of time is largely due to the great management that the company has experienced under Peter Harris’s wing. Terrible management could never run a company for that long.

Professionally, Peter Harris is a very well-rounded person. He is a member of Spirit of New Zealand Foundation, NZ Latin American Business Council, Australian Graduate School of Management and NZ Institute of Management. It is important to be active in many different organizations, professionally, because it makes a person well rounded and gives depth to their viewpoints. It is without a doubt that being a member of all of these organizations has given Peter Harris insight into the finance industry and what he can do for his own job.

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James Reese: Life with TigerSwan after Delta Force

James Reese Tigerswan

There are many success stories about disabled veterans, and one can undoubtedly say that James Reese is among them. James Reese served in the United States military for 25 years, and during that time, he worked his way up to the Delta Forces. Delta Force is a branch of the Army that performs special operations. These military figures are highly trained, and they all have specific skills developed to protect and serve. James Reese worked hard to become part of this force. He entered several missions with the team, including some in the Middle East.

James Reese left the service with some disabilities, but that did not slow him down. After military life, some veterans have a difficult time finding employment. James Reese took another route and opened his own security company, TigerSwan. TigerSwan offers a high level of protection and security to people. If your people need to get from point A to point B safely in uncertain territory, TigerSwan will get them there. The crews at TigerSwan secure individuals, businesses, and families. Each entity has a different set of needs because of their size and structure, but TigerSwan has adapted to all of these groups and individual situations.

James Reese TigerswanDisabled veterans have supported James Reese in his journey into this nonmilitary line of work, but he states that is not why he got into it. James Reese is thankful for the support from the veterans, and he has hired many of them. In addition to honoring his Army background, James Reese employs people from all branches of the military and police force. He also looks outside the services. James Reese wants TigerSwan to be a well-rounded business that incorporates a variety of skilled individuals. This can only make their business and protection platform stronger.

TigerSwan is a much-needed service in today’s world. James Reese has taken his decades of experience and coupled them with others to created a successful business model. He seems humbled by the support he receives from other retired personnel as he continues to give back to his country, the world, and anyone who is in need of security or protection.

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Jeunesse Global on Finding a Better Way


Jeunesse Global does not play around with their clients. With them, it is a no-nonsense kind of deal; customers who are looking for honest answers will receive them. Will their products lead them to an immediate state of health? Of course not. Will they aid them along the way? Absolutely.

When it comes to customer loyalty, Jeunesse Global understands the vast importance of the whole ordeal. This is why they exercise so much honesty with their customers, both in the descriptions of each and every one of their products and in the way they carry themselves as a brand entirely. They want to change the world, but they do not go about parading like they know exactly how to do it, because the fact of the matter is, they do not. They understand this limitation in their knowledge, however, and their business model plays into it perfectly.

You have to be acutely aware of your limitations when you run a corporation. What you are able to do and what you should do rarely run along the same course, and this is because a lot of power is granted to those who head multi-million dollar corporations such as Jeunesse Global. Their two founders, however, were more than aware of the possible issue with power this could cause, especially in a health and wellness company. It is because of this that the duo placed extreme caution in the setup of their entire business, and they have created multiple backup plans in the case of even the most remote sign of corruption within their business.

Of course, even a small indication of such is vastly improbable. Jeunesse Global was set up with the ultimate goal of helping people. This is what drove Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis to create the company in the way that they did. They knew that as people, we are not reaching our full potential. Instead of pushing this ideology on those around them, though, they put their noses to the grindstone and found a way to prove that we can do better. Jeunesse Global is the result of their drive, and it continues to prove that there is a better way on a daily basis.,19.htm