Anthony Petrello’s Inspiring Life Story


Nabors industries development owes a significant gratitude to Anthony Petrello. He is celebrated for steering the company to its flourishing heights since 1991. Being the CEO of one of the largest oil and drilling firm in America, his level of success has become inspirational to many. Nabors industries provide employment to large number of people living in New Jersey and its surroundings. Tony believes in hard work, honesty, respect and fairness. All these may be the reasons behind his achievements.

Apart from being a successful international business man, Tony is an amazing philanthropist. He donates money to several charity organizations. The $7 million he donated to Texas Children’s Hospital was used to construct a pediatric neurological clinic. The Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Institute works toward finding cure for neurological disorders affecting children.

Anthony Petrello’s act of charity was inspired when his daughter was born with a health disorder. This inspired him to help other families who are undergoing a similar situation. He also holds inspirational talks together with his wife to give hope to families having children with neurological disorders. Anthony is among the few entrepreneurs who don’t believe in shortcuts towards success. He grew from a humble begging and worked hard to his current position.

Anthony Petrello

Anthony Petrello was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. In his younger age, he had an exceptional ability in mathematics which made him absorbed by Yale University. He was given a full scholarship to study a degree in mathematics. He later acquired a master’s degree in mathematics from the same University. This is also where he met his beloved wife, Cynthia. However, Tony changed his profession unexpectedly. He enrolled in Harvard law School where he graduated with a Juris Doctor.

Anthony Petrello’s career began immediately after graduating from Law school. He joined Baker & McKenzie law firm in 1979 where he specialized on general corporate law, taxation and international arbitration. He later become the managing partner and thereafter moved to his current company, Nabors industries. Due to his exceptional leadership skills, his career in Nabors industries grew enormously. He started as an elected member of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee of the Board and rose to the top where he is currently the CEO.

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