The Brown Agency Encourages Positive Model Relationships


Since the Brown Agency first started, they have been working to ensure their models are getting the best experience possible. Unlike other agencies that prey on the models because they know they will be interested in doing anything for the agency, the Brown Agency has a lot of standards they work to uphold. A big part of the company is the values they have so they consistently push for them to be something the models can use when they are working for the agency. The Brown Agency makes sure their models know they are a part of a community and they never have to worry about the issues that come with modeling agencies. The models with the Brown Agency also know they will not be pitted against each other when it comes to the things they are doing. Because the Brown Agency has such a high level of ethics, many models are interested in working for the company.


When models start out with the Brown Agency, they are taught all about the things the agency values. The models have to learn what they are going to be able to do if they want to be as successful as possible with the agency. The Brown Agency tries to let models know about the community. Once the models are a part of the agency, many learn it is what they were looking for throughout their careers. The Brown Agency is able to satisfy many requirements that models generally have for the experiences they are interested in.


Out of everything the Brown Agency does, perhaps keeping their models separate from each other when it comes to gigs and callbacks is one of the most influential. The agency generally does not require two models from their agency to go to the same calls. They work to make sure the models are going to separate things so they don’t ever have to compete against each other. This goes into the idea that models will be able to make a better community for each other but is also a huge part of the way things are done at the agency.


Since the Brown Agency is a combination of two successful agencies, they have learned what they should do as a company. They have also learned the right way to treat all their models so they don’t have to worry about issues that could come from the way they are handling their business. For the Brown Agency to do this, they sometimes have to make their own cuts and they may not always make the most amount of money possible. The agency believes it is worth it so their models don’t have to worry about a cutthroat environment. Follow their Instagram page