Slyce’s Innovative Visual Search Technology Breaks New Ground


There’s a lot of room in the online shopping industry for image recognition technologies that just blow the lid off of what we as consumers and investors have been waiting for all these years. The world of tomorrow has finally met up with the needs of today, and visual search technology might just be the lead that we’ve all been waiting for. In this brief article, you will learn about what visual search technology is capable of achieving. We will also cover the interesting article from Live Mint that discusses the unique industry of visual search.

Slyce’s Interesting Take On Visual Search

Visual search technology has seen plenty of new insights and promising developments. None of them have been as interesting as what Slyce’s image recognition has brought to the table. Slyce has ramped up their platform with customer service men and women that are working around the clock to insure that the artificial intelligence that runs Slyce’s platforms is working properly. They consistently monitor the AI’s performance and maintain Slyce’s incredible track record of accuracy that they have achieved.

The customer service team at Slyce is what makes their application so much more valuable than any of the other visual search companies. They are one click away from you when you use the application for your shopping, so you can ask the Slyce team questions about your search or your order. They also make some helpful suggestions that the AI would not have thought of without them. There are plenty of other features that have been added on Slyce’s platfrom, so be sure to check it out regularly to stay up to date with innovations.

News In Visual Search Technology

Visual search is a growing trend that is making waves in the online shopping community. It is growing with investors who are itching to expand this industry. The start ups that are new to the field are getting their funds from private, angel investors, and they are also gaining momentum thanks to the funds that are coming in from crowd funding campaigns. These companies are growing by the second, and they have some fierce competition. They are working with retailers to move their products, and they are working with consumers to save them a load of money. If you’d like to visit the article from Live Mint that reports on this information, take a look at this link.