Robert Deignan Expertise in Technology Innovation Leads to Co-founding of ATS Company


Over the past few decades, the technological advancements have been growing fast as they have been implemented by many business moguls. Sectors such as marketing, healthcare as well as education to mention a few have been among the most dominant in implementation. With an experience of over 20 years, Robert Deignan has established himself well in this particular sector as he has managed to develop several technological innovations. As he grew up, he majored mostly in Business Management in his studies at Purde University. Later after completion, he wanted to focus on entrepreneurship as he saw his future there. He started the company Fanlink as a trial and see whether the business could be successful as such.

As such, Robert Deignan saw the success of the company as he had many clients who consulted him for technological services. Furthermore, he was able to lay himself a good foundation in technology innovations. After few years, he left the company and was hired by other tech giants where he parlayed his skills. It was in IS3 a leading software company that he was hired as the Vice President. Robert Deignan was very determined to offer his skills in the company where he brought about remarkable changes. In 2011, the tech expert started his own company ATS Digital Services, LLC and today it is one of the fast growing tech industries. Through his leadership, ATS Company has managed to blossom in the realms of other giant companies as he is able to offer solutions to the contemporary world tech problems.

Robert Deignan developed a strategy that would draw consumers towards his side through the improvement of his services. Moreover, he was able to ensure that the consumer services are put in mind before anything else. Apparently, he has hired professional team that is entitled to handle the services the company offers. Some of the services performed by the ATS team are; installation of speakers, mounting of the television ariel, activation and mounting of surveillance cameras among others. Besides being one of the sought after tech companies, it remains to be certified by the respective board making their services more reliable. Robert Deignan expertise has brought ATS so much success as they seek to improve their services in future through their research in consumerism.

Unroll Me Offers A Great Service That Helps People Get More Organized


Unroll Me is a free service that allows people to manage their email subscriptions. It was founded in 2011, and its headquarters are in the Greater New York Area in the United States. It allows users to prioritize and organize their emails and makes things much less complicated as it helps with that. The company has shared many tips on how to use email services in a good way, and one of the tips that it gives is to simply unsubscribe. It says that when people do this for unnecessary emails, they will have a lot less junk in their inbox every day.

The company also gives the tip that people should stay safe while using their email by using authentication. They should turn on notifications, too, so that they know what is going on with their email service. And, Unroll Me says that people should protect their technology by keeping it up to date. They should find the new software that is available and update their devices to keep them functioning well.

Another piece of advice that Unroll Me has to give is for people to delete unnecessary apps. The company says that everyone should read privacy policies, too, so that they know what they are getting into when they download a new app or use a new service. And, the company says that everyone should take caution to protect their hardware. There is a lot that people need to keep up on if they want to keep all of their accounts and devices safe, and anyone who listens to Unroll Me’s advice should be safe. And, the company will help them when they want to unsubscribe from emails, which is a great way to start being a bit more organized when it comes to technology and what needs to get done each day.

Gregory Aziz Supports The Growth Of National Steel Car


In leadership, there are barely stand-along attributes to define the perfection or input of an individual. With that said, the leader of any organization is in charge of overseeing different roles that total up to the success of the company. Especially in business, a leader is expected to guide the team towards more profit generation. That is why Greg Aziz is admired for his consistent input in every organization he has worked for.


Background Information


Greg Aziz is the serving president of National Steel Car. However successful he is at the moment, it is evident that it took him some time and careful analysis to land this opportunity. For starters, he grew up in a busy town called Ontario, London. While growing up, he aspired to be an admirable figure. However, he did not know which one exactly him and his family would please. Perhaps out of wanting to make it, he decided to join the prestigious Ridley School. Later in the years of studying, he attended the London Ontario University for Economics. It was after graduating from this school that he faced the world of careers alongside some of the challenges it comes with.




While at it, he chose to work with his family at Affiliated Foods. The company was a young family business that sold fresh foods and produces to various clients including ones in Europe, Canada and the United States of America. In his capacity as the manager, Greg Aziz implemented policies that supported global expansion. In fact, much of the company’s success was attributed to his input in growing the business through universal expansion.




Gregory‘s contribution to Affiliated Foods was not enough to persuade him to stay around. Just like in the past, he always aspired to explore different projects that often seemed beyond his reach. This time, he wanted to work on investment and banking. Therefore, he left Affiliated Foods and joined the industry of different investments. While looking for ideas to put money in, Greg J Aziz met the owners of National Steel Car. Surprisingly, they were looking to sell the company. That is how Gregory J Aziz assumed one of the senior leadership positions. Of course, he bought the majority of the shares. Refer to This Article for additional information.


The Outline


At National Steel Car, clients come first. This firm maintains its position as the leader of car manufacturing and railroad freight cars. With the leadership of Mr. Aziz, the firm continues to please its clients in many ways including availing products to the clients on time.


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