Removing Unwanted E-Mails Using Unroll Me


For years now, many people have had complaints that their e-mail inboxes are overloading. The overload is due to the increase in spam e-mails or unwanted messages. In a bid to fix this issue, may e-mail platforms have adopted different soft wares and services. One of the most operative and popular tools used to solve this crisis is Unroll Me. Unroll Me is a service that helps you manage your inbox and subscriptions. In doing so, you can get rid of unwanted messages, and your inbox is left tidied up.

Using Unroll Me is a straightforward process as the company works together with e-mail platforms like; Gmail and Yahoo. The user is required to sign up online for the service and link his/her e-mail account. You should take note that the service is free of charge to all users. Immediately after completing the necessary steps, Unroll Me goes to work. The function looks through your inbox and highlights the subscriptions that the user receives. 

The scan is very fast as the service can go through an e-mail account with over 10000 messages in a few minutes. Once the scan is complete, the service provides a roll-up to the user. A roll-up, in this case, is a clear description of the subscriptions that a specific user receives every single day. Unroll Me then moves messages seen as subscriptions into your roll-up. The service is very accurate and has helped numerous people clean up their inboxes. 

Additionally, Unroll Me also gives you total control over the roll-up. The ability to control the roll-up helps in case you would like to adjust and direct the service to deliver specific messages to your inbox. The platform also allows you to dictate what time of the day you would like to receive your roll-up. Overall, Unroll Me is a lifesaver that is slowly revolutionizing the world of e-mails and easing the lives of e-mail account holders.

Unroll Me is an e-mail management service that was developed by Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald. The service helps e-mail users get rid of junk mails and unwanted subscriptions. Jojo Hedaya and Josh met while in college and had trouble receiving each other’s e-mails due to the occasional pilling up of messages in their inboxes. This what made the duo come up with the platform. Josh Rosenwald and Jojo work together as Chief Executive Officers to help the company grow and achieve its goals.

James Reese: Life with TigerSwan after Delta Force

James Reese Tigerswan

There are many success stories about disabled veterans, and one can undoubtedly say that James Reese is among them. James Reese served in the United States military for 25 years, and during that time, he worked his way up to the Delta Forces. Delta Force is a branch of the Army that performs special operations. These military figures are highly trained, and they all have specific skills developed to protect and serve. James Reese worked hard to become part of this force. He entered several missions with the team, including some in the Middle East.

James Reese left the service with some disabilities, but that did not slow him down. After military life, some veterans have a difficult time finding employment. James Reese took another route and opened his own security company, TigerSwan. TigerSwan offers a high level of protection and security to people. If your people need to get from point A to point B safely in uncertain territory, TigerSwan will get them there. The crews at TigerSwan secure individuals, businesses, and families. Each entity has a different set of needs because of their size and structure, but TigerSwan has adapted to all of these groups and individual situations.

James Reese TigerswanDisabled veterans have supported James Reese in his journey into this nonmilitary line of work, but he states that is not why he got into it. James Reese is thankful for the support from the veterans, and he has hired many of them. In addition to honoring his Army background, James Reese employs people from all branches of the military and police force. He also looks outside the services. James Reese wants TigerSwan to be a well-rounded business that incorporates a variety of skilled individuals. This can only make their business and protection platform stronger.

TigerSwan is a much-needed service in today’s world. James Reese has taken his decades of experience and coupled them with others to created a successful business model. He seems humbled by the support he receives from other retired personnel as he continues to give back to his country, the world, and anyone who is in need of security or protection.

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IP Geolocation From LocationSmart Provides More Than Just Network Security


Every business needs to take cybersecurity into consideration. With the rise in identity fraud and network hacking crime, now more than ever it is imperative for a company to invest in top of the line IP Geolocation software. LocationSmart, a provider and services company for location APIs, recommends that companies invest in IP Geolocation for security. However, the global leader in verification and cybersecurity platforms also explains how IP Geolocation has benefits that reach far beyond the ample security features it provides.


IP Geolocation software from a company like LocationSmart is sure to minimize the business’s and client’s security risks. When a user accesses a company’s network, they are assigned a unique IP address. IP Geolocation can identify and store the location of each user. In addition, this programming can assess if the IP address is coming from an unknow source and identify if the user is taking any special efforts to mask their actual identity or location. The system will react in real-time, allowing IT specialists to take appropriate measure to verify the user and location. This enhancement to the security system provides an additional layer of protect for the business against unauthorized access to network by securing the company’s data and assets with the system. IP Geolocation can also help to prevent breach of copyrighted company data or personal data obtained from network users or clients. Thusly, this location software secures one’s business assets, proprietary information, and client data from fraud or hacking.


In addition to the high level security measures that it provides, IP Geolocation can also enhance communication with customers. With the ability to obtain data concerning a user’s location and how they are connecting to the company network comes an ability to communicate instantly with potential customers. This direct communication option can be in the form of a push notification, pop up advertisements or various other technological communications. A further benefit of this software comes when combining the location access with the instant communication function. This ability allows a company to tap into the personal and specific details of the products or service the user is looking for. These instant communications can provide information on products or services as well as details about promotions that he or she may not have been aware of originally. This customizable ability to communicate directly with each customer concerning their specific needs or wants can increase sales and enhance overall client satisfaction.


LocationSmart has taken network security to another level. Making a business’s network more secure not only enhances the security of the company and its assets, but helps to keep user and customer data safe. In addition, IP Geolocation technology can increase sales and profits while providing a unique and reliable communication technique for its clients.


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