Eric Pulier: Successful Businessman & Contributer:


Eric Pulier is an successful businessman ans author. Eric Pulier has a great impact on the technology industry. Mr. Pulier has written numerous technology based articles that have been featured on Bloomberg Network as well as CNBC.

Eric Pulier is a graduate of Harvard University. While at Harvard Pulier studied computers, technology as well as literature. A few years after graduation from Harvard, Pulier created his first company. The company was named “People doing Things”. The company primarily focused on educational as well as medical technology.

People doing Things was moderately successful and Pulier felt as if he was on his way to bigger and better things. Therefore, Eric Pulier started another business called “Media Platform”. Media Platform seemed to be even more successful than the previous company “People doing Things”.

Other companies that Pulier founded included Us Media Interactive as well as an organization called Akana. Desktone was another company founded by Eric Pulier. Desktone seemed to attract a large number of investors due to the fact that it focused on Desktop computers. It can be said that Eric Pulier achieved great financial success and recognition at a fairly young age.

Aside from the world of technology, Eric Pulier has taken an interest in charitable causes. Pulier established something called “Starbright”. Starbright enables children in distress to communicate in a secure manner on line with other children who are also experiencing difficult times. Eric Pulier’s on line creation turned out to be a huge success.

Eric Pulier is currently a Board Member of X-Prize Foundation. In addition, Pulier also runs a non-profit summer camp for children. Eric Pulier is a person that has certainly given back a great deal to the less fortunate.

Pulier has exceptional writing abilities and has co-authored a book called “Understanding Enterprise” The book received rave reviews and remained on the top seller list for 12 consecutive weeks to learn more about us: click here.

In 2017, Eric Pulier started another company called V-Atomic systems. The company is another technology based organization that creates digital tracking products. Pulier currently resides within the LA area with his family.

Eric Pulier, American Entrepreneur and Businessman Extraordinaire


Though Eric Pulier is an American entrepreneur, his list of accomplishments doesn’t stop there. He is a published author and has founded more than fifteen companies. In addition, he has raised sums ranging in the hundreds of millions of dollars for startups which he has had a hand in launching. Pulier is a technologist who has lent his experience in starting companies like Media Platform, Desktone, Digital Evolution, and ServiceMesh.

Pulier is an investor at heart who has contributed seed money to tech corporations just beginning, the overwhelming majority of which have gone on to be successful. He has also lent his talents to philanthropic efforts regarding the needs of children with chronic illness. Having a way with words, Mr. Pulier is a gifted communicator, speaker, and columnist. He studied English & American literature at Harvard, along with Computer Science, and Visual & Environmental Studies. While in school, he edited the Harvard Crimson Weekly and wrote the column, Pulier Leg. Pulier graduated Magna Cum Laude.

Pulier was instrumental to orchestrating the, ‘Bridge to the 21st Century’, that took place over the course of several days at the Mall in Washington, D.C. It was a tremendous undertaking which was to commemorate the 2nd inauguration of President Bill Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore. Pullier was responsible for the management of staffing, security, press, and with overseeing power. He personally oversaw the construction project, dealt with unions, and raised funds from corporate and private donations.

The gathering was attending by thousands of people, which included members from Congress, from the Senate, and from The Supreme Court. Al Gore and Bill Clinton were in attendance, and the festivities were covered throughout the country. At one point, Al Gore invited Mr. Pulier onstage before the crowd to give an interview. In addition, Pulier gave the press a guided tour through the exhibits on display. Each one demonstrated the future effect of technology in categories such as health care, the environment, entertainment, family, and so on. The highlight of the occasion was an unprecedented live-feed from the Space Shuttle, with real-time interactions relayed from the astronauts and crew.

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From Handbags to Hand Drills: Slyce will find it for you


One of the most incredible things that smartphones have accomplished since their advent was making purchases possible almost anywhere. It doesn’t matter whether you’re hiking through the woods or sitting on your couch; where there’s signal, there’s a way. Despite this, smartphones still aren’t always able to answer one of the most commonly heard questions in North America: “Where did you get those shoes?”

That’s where Slyce comes in. Slyce is a Toronto based visual product recognition technology company that has created mobile and desktop software that allows its users to simply take a picture of the product they want, and so long as it is in recognizable condition they can buy it right through the app. Many companies have attempted to create similar software in the past, however these apps come with limitations not found in Slyce. Amazon Flow for example, allows users to take a picture of what they want and buy the item through Amazon. The problem however is that the item must be in the original packaging for it to be recognizable. So what about when you see someone on the bus with a cool pair of shoes or a cute purse you just have to have? Odds are those products will not be in the original packaging. That’s where Slyce really shines. It does not matter if the item is packaged or not, just take a picture and Slyce will search through thousands of products online to find it for you. Sound too good to be true? Check out Slyce’s website, it provides an excellent demo of how the software works on its technology page.

Finding the product should be no issue either. Slyce has paired with many big-name retailers such as Target, J.C. Penney, Toys “R” Us, and Home Depot to provide the widest range of products as possible to consumers. Whether it’s a pair of heels, a drill press, or even an Optimus Prime action figure, Slyce will be able to find it for you at a good price. The software can be used anywhere, and it can also find the items you want by taking a picture of a television or print advertisement. Just in case you have to be sure you get the exact item you’re looking for, you can even use it to scan the barcode, though this is certainly not necessary to find an perfect match. Slyce is an extremely fast growing company, and may very well be supported by even more large retailers in the near future. So the next time you see that shirt you need on your friend, your sibling, or even a stranger, just snap a picture and let Slyce take care of the rest.

Tablets And Cell Phones Are Welcome On FreedomPop’s Mobile Wireless Services


The size of cell phones has changed so much over the years that it’s hard to keep up. Some people say that fashion trends will recycle themselves after so many years, and it seems as if cell phone trends are doing the same thing. Cell phones were very big when they started being used about 20 years ago, and then people demanded that their cell phones become smaller. Smaller cell phones started showing up everywhere, and people began to be happy with them, but then smartphones came into play. When smartphones came in, the phones came to be small in size, but now smartphones can be extremely large. A tablet’s similar to a smartphone, except for the fact that most of them cannot make phone calls.

The average sized tablet is seven inches in size, and there are many smartphones these days that are up to 6 inches in size, which mimics the average tablet sizes out there today. It seems unbelievable that a person would want such a big cell phone, especially when they have to find cases to outfit it in. People tend to like smartphones that are very large in size because it’s like having a tablet and a smartphone in one. Although people can use a tablet that has cell phone capabilities, some prefer not to have a phone that’s so big, but many of the smartphones these days are not much smaller than regular sized tablets.

Those who want to use a tablet with a cell phone service are in love because FreedomPop allows tablets as well as smartphones on their service plans. A person can choose to get the free service plan for their tablet phone, or they can choose the unlimited service plan for their tablet phone. Those who want to have a tablet, instead of having a large sized smartphone can use FreedomPop’s service to get unlimited phone calls if they choose. Those who want the free service can still get enough talk time, text messages and data from FreedomPop to satisfy their needs.

Most smartphones, especially Android phones, and some iPhones can work with the FreedomPop on reviews services, and it’s easy to connect it to FreedomPop’s services. FreedomPop has fast Internet speeds for cell phones, great call quality, and they also have a great text messaging services too. Whether a person chooses to use their extremely large or their small sized smartphone on FreedomPop they can do so. Tablets with cell phone capabilities are also welcome at FreedomPop, and it’s possible for a person to sign up a smartphone and a tablet to FreedomPop’s services, so they’ll be able to use each of them when they feel the need.